Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Reminder on our Mission and Policy and a Note to Tipsters

For over a month our blog has been exposing various forms of corruption with regards to BSSP Boro Park Shomrim. Our criticism has shaken up the entire community, and has brought inquiry and investigation from several government agencies. Most of these investigations are ongoing.

Our commitment is not to destroy but to reform. We firmly believe that Boro Park Shomrim has an opportunity to be a force for good in their community. However, under their current leadership and under their current policies they pose a serious danger to everyone with whom they interact.

In the course of our expose we have reported on many individual Shomrim members and their enablers.

If you are affiliated with Boro Park Shomrim and have not yet been exposed on our blog, and believe that you have something to hide, we strongly implore you to resign from your position immediately. We will not report on anyone that fully severs their ties with Shomrim. 

Furthermore, if you've already been exposed and wish to have your post(s) removed, you can! All you have to do is resign from your position immediately, and sever your ties with Shomrim. This offer stands until further notice.

If you do wish to take us up on our offer, kindly submit a comment with your name and position, along with your date of resignation. As soon as our team is able to confirm that you have in fact resigned, any trace of you will be removed off of our blog.


While we appreciate the slew of information and tips readers send in, please be patient as we investigate your report. We try our best to ensure the accuracy of every post. While you may feel that your evidence is solid, we may be unable to post it due to a variety of reasons. Often, our attorney advises against a particular post and we must always adhere to legal counsel.

Furthermore, please do not send us intentionally false information. Such tips simply slow down our investigators, and hinder our reporting process. We will not be your vehicle to defame people, no matter how terrible they are.

As always, you may submit your tips and feedback confidentially and anonymously in the comment section of any post. Please include your contact information should we need to follow up with you. 

Finally, while we detest corruption in all its forms, we are particularly focused on exposing and reforming Boro Park Shomrim. This is where we chose to dedicate our resources. If you have an issue with other organizations or individuals, please find another venue to air your frustrations. We aren't here to carry out your petty personal fighting.


  1. Been waiting for so long... Born and raised in BP, and thankful for what you're doing.

    Only we can stop it.

  2. Keep up the good work guys, it's about time the community finds out what shomrim really is!

  3. Wanna take on Shomrim, FINE. But the heartless vitriolic posts about Tzvi Chaim Spira - who is NOT a Shomrim member is beyond murder.

    I wish you all not to go through the hell this kid's been through in his life.

    Whether he's a saint or the devil doesn't matter.

    Nobody is perfect.

  4. Yanky Daskal frequents as "Police". He sucked up to the site's owner (who seems to be some sort of retard volunteer in NYPD Auxiliary) and has become a site owner which gives him an aura of authority which he uses to cajole women into meeting him or going on webcam with him. I have no information indicating that he ever did anything more than meet and cam (fully clothed - one's genitals shrivel when thinking of that fat fuck revealing anything) but his MO is one of a serial blackmailer and harasser. I know of 2 separate incidents where he had heimishe women call him after he advised them to call from a blocked number and he unmasked their number (through forwarding his to an 800 number, probably - a lot of offerings on google for that service) and then used that information to coerce them into meeting him in his car. In one case he told the woman as he idled outside her front door "you owe me a chance to prove to you that I am a nice guy." If a lack of a sense of irony were ever a capital offense, he'd have been condemned to the death of a thousand cuts, just for that one. The women are scared shitless and don't want to proceed with any legal action, even though in one case the woman retained screen shots of blatantly criminal threats. I am not sure you can do anything with this information as even publicizing the above will put the reputation of innocents (none of those ladies were "trolling" for sex or anything untoward) at risk as he will definitely retaliate (he beat up a guy over an omud), but please keep these incidents in mind so that if you ever get corroborating complaints, don't dismiss them out of hand. You can contact me at if you want further information. Thank you and keep up the good work.