Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Askan allegedly calls Daskal a Hazard to Community!

An askan (activist) inside BSSP Boro Park Shomrim who also serves as the president of the 66th precinct's community council was allegedly overheard saying that BSSP Boro Park Shomrim coordinator Jacob "Yanky" Daskal is a hazard to the community, and that he's bringing them heat and trouble that they don't need. Sources tell us that this askan (activist) is particularly concerned over allegations that Daskal is under investigation by the NYPD regarding his alleged relationship with several NYPD officers in the 66th precinct. Allegedly, IAB has been alerted to several alleged anomalies within the 66th precinct, and Daskal has allegedly been connected to at least two incidents that are under IAB investigation.

BSSP Boro Park Shomrim coordinator Jacob "Yanky" Daskal Unit-05,
allegedly under investigation by the NYPD, speaking to ABC 7.
With him are BSSP Boro Park Shomrim member Abraham Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58,
and BSSP Boro Park Shomrim coordinator Mark "Motty" Katz Unit-18. 

Reportedly, this askan was lamenting the fact that he cannot dismiss or suspend Daskal from Shomrim because he's too powerful, even though certain coordinators want him out. The askan is worried that the only away Daskal will be thrown out of Shomrim is when he's hauled off in handcuffs. The askan was also allegedly overheard chuckling, and in his distinct lilt remarked that Daskal will be fine in prison, so long as he has his scooters and free food.

We're still gathering information as to the specific nature of the investigation. Stay tuned for further developments.


  1. "The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny, and it is useless for the innocent to try by reasoning to get justice, when the oppressor intends to be unjust." Jacob Daskal is a disgraced not only to Jewish community but to humanity. He had me arrested for for entering my place of business. When he was asked why you are doing this before Sabbath his answer was than I am not Jewish. Few days after my arrest I was informed by my neighbor that there is BSSP vehicle and more than five people taking my inventory of electronic cigarettes, filters, anti radiation devises, telecoms equipment, documents and etc for all this was payed more than 2 million dollars I called 911 3 times. When 4 police officers arrived to 29 Church Ave they refused to arrest Jacob Daskal and his gun squat telling me that this is civil and I should take this is issue in a civil court and if I call again 911 and come closer than 250 feet to 29 Church Ave they will arrest me. I asked sergeant why you than arrested me for entering my place and not arresting your friends for stilling, he answered if I don't leave I will be arrested for harassment and threatening of police officers and David - Jacob Daskal buddy. I have filled a complaint with Civilian Complaint Review Board case# 201208879 after few months my case was send to the Internal Affairs Bureau for investigation IAB log#: 12-41227. I also filled a claim with NYC controller office Claim# 2012PI024298. On November 14, 2012 @ 9.30 am @ 120 Schermerhorn St, 8th Floor, Jury 1 I need to appear, I am representing myself pro se, if there is any criminal lawyer that could assist me in this matter I would greatly appreciated. My cell phone is 1 917 418 5485

  2. I know a friend who is shomrim and he says that yanky always makes problems for them but also haas a lot of connections by police so hes good and bad.

  3. Dangerous, wanna-be ESU cops - all of them. They hide behind their religion for preferential treatment and political gain. Someone with real stones needs to take them down and not fear the backlash and negative press.