Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boro Park Shomrim Coordinator Sam Follman Unit-48's ILLEGAL Car Service

Today we've reached our 48,000th hit. We therefore dedicate this post in honor of Boro Park Shomrim Coordinator Unit-48, Sam Follman. We thank our dear readers for enabling us to become a force for good in this community.

Shomrim coordinator Sam Follman Unit-48,
owner of allegedly illegal Get-A-Car Car Service in Boro Park,
posing in the BSSP Shomrim Command Center.
Photo Credit: YeshivaWorldNews. All rights reserved to them.

For nearly two decades, Shomrim coordinator Sam Follman has allegedly been operating an illegal and unlicensed car service called Get-A-Car. This car service operates out of a small office on 13th Avenue and 52nd Street in Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY. His landlord is Shomrim member Abraham Mendel Landau, owner of Landau's Health Tree, Unit-53.This office allegedly doubles as a Shomrim dispatch base, and often shares a dispatcher with Shomrim.

Boro Park Shomrim member Abraham Mendel Landau Unit-53
affixing an antenna onto Shomrim's illegal truck in front of his shop.
Photo Credit: YeshivaWorldNews. All rights reserved to them.

Get-A-Car's landlord, Abraham Landau Unit-53's Landau's Health Tree,
supplying electricity to illegally parked Shomrim command post.
Photo Credit: Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.

Get-A-Car's landlord, Abraham Landau Unit-53's Landau's Health Tree,
supplying electricity to illegally parked Shomrim command post.
This building is shared by Get-A-Car.
Photo Credit: Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.

In the early nineties, Sam Follman joined Get-A-Car car service as a driver. The car service was owned by three men: Yanky R. (who is brothers with a former Shomrim coordinator), Sruly I., and Shaul Z. Both Sruly and Shaul are Stoliner chassidim. Shaul was an active Shomrim volunteer.

Allegedly, Follman quickly convinced the men to allow him to purchase a 10% share in the business. Although at first he allegedly struggled to pay his share, he eventually did, and then asked to purchase 50% of the business. Before he completed paying of the 50%, he allegedly persuaded them to sell him 75% of the business, and allegedly, he eventually kicked out his former partners and took over the business. He allegedly never fully paid the former partners their share. Shaul was so disturbed by this alleged theft of his business by his own Shomrim coordinator - and the alleged subsequent support the coordinator received from his colleagues - that he quit Shomrim in disgust. 

Car services must be registered by the TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) in order to provide safeguards for both the drivers and the consumers. These safeguards have often saved the lives of both driver and consumer.

Sources tell us that several schools in the Boro Park area contract with Get-A-Car to transport young children. Equally disturbing, sources tell us that Women's League Community Residences, Inc. - a non-profit organization serving people with developmental disabilities - has contracted with Get-A-Car to transport their consumers.

Illegal Get-A-Car Car Service advertisement.
Note Shomrim endorsement and Follman's name - written in Hebrew - on the bottom of the picture.
Click picture to enlarge. 
Get-A-Car advertises their endorsement by Boro Park Shormim. Behind the scenes, sources tell us that an elected official allegedly labored tirelessly to have the TLC turn a blind eye to the Shomrim coordinator's allegedly illegal car service. When other Orthodox car services opened in the community, Follman and Shomrim were allegedly quick to have them shut down. In fact, an investigator at the TLC tell us that it was allegedly Follman himself who filed several reports against E-Z Car Service, their chief competitor.

Because his business is unlicensed and unaccountable, Follman is reputed to abuse his own drivers and often withholds their wages from the voucher clients. These are the institutitons that pay Follman directly for the car service fees, and the drivers do not receive cash - as they do with usual fares - and rather, receive a voucher. The drivers are then supposed to redeem the voucher for their earned wages by Follman. Several drivers have told us that Follman has allegedly steadfastly refused to pay them and taunted them that they can report him - and thereby incriminate themselves - to the TLC.

Despite Get-A-Car posing a danger to the community for nearly two decades, community leaders are afraid to shut him down because of Follman's affiliation with Shomrim. This danger must end. Get-A-Car must get properly licensed or shut down. 



  1. big or small we do em all is the line from friedman from friedmans photogrophey (the molestor)

  2. i can only add that" get a car "treats their customers like shit too,after i missed a very important meeting because their car showed up 25 minutes late and on top of it was screamed at by their angry dispatcher who spoke with heavy israeli accent(perhaps he was too busy dispatching to "shomrim" when i called and had a chutzpa to ask where my car is) i stopped calling them.