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Did Shomrim Shoot a RESTRAINED suspect?

On the evening of September 3rd, 2010, four Boro Park Shomrim members were shot. They were widely hailed as heroes, and received personal attention from the NYPD brass.

Wannabee hero Shomrim members receive awards for their
involvement in a reckless shooting incident.
With  them are NYC Councilmembers Brad Lander and David G. Greenfield. 

However, not everything happened as it's been reported. In this inside account told to us by a Boro Park Shomrim member who was one of the first members on the scene, we reveal what is alleged to have precisely transpired on that hectic night.

For days leading up to the evening of the shooting, Shomrim was aware of a gentile suspect that was alleged to have exposed himself to children on the street. (Had this been a Hassidic suspect, Shomrim would have probably paid no mind.) On the evening of the shooting, Shomrim member Motty "MNS" Brauner Unit-58 responded to a call from a concerned parent that a man was exposing himself to children. Brauner realized that this was the same suspect that Shomrim was aware of, and gave chase. What resulted was allegedly a car chase through densely residential Boro Park, which ended when the suspect hit a traffic jam on 46th Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues. As soon as the suspect's car was stopped, Brauner asked the other Shomrim members to join him in approaching the suspect's vehicle by foot.

At this time the only proper response was to dial 911 and allow the NYPD to approach the vehicle. Instead, in a reckless and frantic manner, the Shomrim members approached the vehicle.

It was then that the suspect allegedly opened his window and barked at Shomrim to back off. When they refused, he allegedly exited his vehicle, and flashed a firearm. Allegedly, disgraced Shomrim member Avigdor Brief Unit-63 - in a rare moment of clarity - immediately ran for cover while yelling at his colleagues to back off as well. Witnesses tell us they heard that Brief was shouting "MOTTY, YOU'RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT. JUMP BACK. YOU'RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT!" Some were ready to retreat, but Motty Brauner Unit-58 was adamant to tackle the suspect. As he tackled him, he was shot. As three other members joined Brauner in tackling the suspect, they were shot as well. In the scuffle, the gun allegedly slipped along the asphalt and Brief then allegedly picked up the firearm and shot the suspect himself. Sources also tell us that Brief was furious with Brauner, and would later tell the coordinators that Brauner was at fault for bringing this onto himself.

Click here to see Brief speaking of the incident with a bloody shirt.

When the police arrived, Shomrim allegedly reported that the suspect shot himself. A source at Lutheran Medical Center tells this blog that the shooter's gunshot wound in his left forearm did not appear consistent with a self-inflicted wound, although this is non-conclusive.

Shomrim coordiantor Sam Follman Unit-48, member Pinny Ringel Unit-60,
and member Moses Reichberg Unit-23, marching towards Lutheran Medical Center
where the patients have been transported for treatment.
Photo Credit: Shimon G Photos for YeshiveWorldNews. All rights reserved to them.

Shomrim later exploited the incident in a failed fundraising campaign touting how Shomrim took bullets for the community, and in exchange asked the community to fund them. We're proud of the Boro Park Community for not responding to their pathetic fundraising appeal.

In reality, these Shomrim vigilantes put the entire community at risk while engaging in a car chase that they are untrained for, and allowing a shooting to take place mere feet from where children were playing. The bottom line is this: Shomrim is a patrol and not law enforcement. They may report crimes to the police, but cannot take the law into their own hand.

It's a miracle that these wannabe heroes' recklessness didn't result in the tragic death of innocent bystanders or their own members. 

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