Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shomrim allegedly Assaults Apprehended Suspect

In April of 2010, right in front of Boro Park's Gravesend "18th Avenue" Park, Shomrim caught an individual alleged to have stolen tires off of a parked vehicle. The suspect surrendered and prostrated facedown on the street. Despite complying, Boro Park Shomrim member Solomon "Shloime" Lenorowitz Unit-77 allegedly then began to stomp on him, while Motty "MNS" Brauner Unit-58 allegedly kicked him. Allegedly, the other members just stood by and watched.

Shomrim member Shloime Lenorowitz Unit-77,
allegedly stomping on a apprehended suspect.
With him is Shomrim member Pinny Taub Unit-81.
Photo Credit: Anonymous tipster 

Boro Park Shomrim member Motty "MNS" Brauner Unit-58 and
Flatbush Shomrim Coordinator Nathan Rosenberg Unit-F15
standing over and allegedly kicking apprehended suspect.
Photo Credit: Anonymous tipster 

Suspect surrendering facedown on the street.
Photo Credit: Anonymous tipster 

Shomrim members Pinny Ringel Unit-60, Dovy Zeitlin Unit-04,
and Shloime Lenorowitz Unit-77, hovering over an apprehended
and allegedly assaulted suspect.
Photo Credit: Anonymous tipster 


  1. this ugly f..k wife abuser and child molester lenorovitz...

  2. LoL the whole shomrim thing is a joke. I mean who still calls shomrim ? If u an emergency u just dial 9 vun vun ... most of the members are EMT school dropouts anyway so they only needed a reason to have the cheery bum bum Lights and S if they get to a call and accually capture some1 and then get shot at then u can see how trained they are lol dont bring a knife to a gun fight

  3. You can see on the photo Lenorowitz's son watching his dad stomping on already restrained suspect(even the worst low life cop won't do it),apple from a tree indeed..disgusting!And huge Chillul Hashem!I wish this goy would be smart enough to sue their asses.