Monday, November 26, 2012

Shomrim allegedly Concerned with Supervisor Abraham Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58

Abraham Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58, with Shlomo Gross Unit-21.
In the background is alleged sexual molester David Shea Friedman Unit-82,
Shaya Shechter Unit-36, Moses Moshe Reichberg Unit-23,
and Yunty Rosenberg Unit-72.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.
We've previously reported on how disgraced Shomrim member Avigdor Brief Unit-63 allegedly begged his colleague Abraham Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58 to stand down once a suspect they pursued pulled a gun on them. However, Brauner refused, and this allegedly resulted in a wild shooting taking place in the heart of Boro Park. Brief then complained to the Shomrim coordinators about Brauner’s actions. The coordinators allegedly sided with Brauner.

L-R: Motty Perl Unit-69, Nachy Rosenberg Unit-46, Joel Klein Unit-37,
 Jacob Yanky Daskal Unit-05, and Pinny Ringel Unit-60.
Perl and Klein were both shot with Scene Supervisor Motty Brauner Unit-58.
Rosenberg is a dispatcher, while Daskal is coordinator.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.

Sources inside Boro Park Shomrim tell this blog that Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58 is Shomrim’s scene supervisor, and is in charge of directing members at the scene of every call. Even when he isn't on scene, he often does this over the radio.

Sources inside Shomrim tell us that they’re concerned about Brauner’s often hideous judgment, and second guess his orders.

Brauner frequently dispatches for Shomrim, and manages Barnett Cleaners. The cleaners is owned by Shomrim Coordinator Jacob Yanky Daskal Unit-05, and Unit-58's brother, Shomrim member Nussi Brauner Unit-54. We’ve previously reported about their illegal Shomrim/delivery scooters.  

Shomrim Scene Supervisor Motty Brauner Unit-58 is an active buff on Baruch Booky Kaluszyner's New York Radio frequency.

Motty Perl Unit-69 who was shot with Scene Supervisor Motty Brauner Unit-58,
receives award from the NYPD's 66th precinct's CO Michael Deddo.
Deddo's close relationship with Shomrim has raised serious concerns within the community.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them. 
If Shomrim’s own members do not have faith in their leaders, why should the community trust them? Why does the 66th Precinct’s CO Michael Deddo trust them? 


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