Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shomrim Coordinators allegedly Encourage Verbal Abuse Against Wife; allegedly Ridicule Speech Impediment!

 As we have noted earlier, allegedly, there is a long-standing animosity between BSSP Boro Park Shomrim Coordinators Mark "Motti" Katz Unit-18 and Jacob "Yanky" Daskal Unit-05. One evening, BSSP Boro Park Shomrim were searching for an alleged suspect. During this search the two senior coordinators found it the apt time to duke out their personal differences, and did so over the BSSP Boro Park Shomrim walkie talkie airways.

As you can hear in this youtube clip, Jacob Daskal couldn't contain himself any longer, and lashed out at his colleague Mark Katz over the air. This was during a supposedly important search. 

Daskal made fun of Katz's speech impediment by imitating his stuttering, and Katz responded by telling Daskal that if he feels the need to yell he ought to yell at his wife. 

BSSP Shomrim Coordinator and NYPD 66 Pct.Council President
Mark "Motti" Katz Unit-18 posing by Council Lectern.
Photo Credit: TheBrooklynSchoop/YWN. All rights reserved to them.

Mark Katz also serves as president of the NYPD's 66th Precinct Council. We find it absolutely outrageous that a Shomrim coordinator with close ties to the NYPD would encourage a colleague to vent his frustration on his wife. Does Katz view women as receptacles for verbal abuse from men? Is that whom the NYPD's 66th Precinct associates with? 


  1. This is outrages and especially since they know that everyone can listen to their frequency. You would think that mature and responsible adults would be more careful about what they say when they know that the whole community is listing. I guess this is what they really believe

  2. And they didn't even catch the perp in the end because they were to busy fighting between themselves

  3. This is nothing new they are lowlifes

  4. So IAB will investigate. Shomrim and bring it to a end all the cover. Up what a shame a good thing gone bad . Cover up by our own . People getting away with almost killing someone becouse Shomrim guys help detective cover up a gang assault . I am working on a law suite ....... Vs we will have to include BSSP BORO PARK SHOMRIM . How sad

    1. thats good they should come to an end. its not a good thing that people use their strobe lights and sirens weaving through rush hour traffic and almost causing not one but many accidents only to end up at the dunkin donuts on 18th ave and coney island ave to get coffee and laugh it up with pals. so sad what the power is being used for and this is the speculation i have seen it with my own eyes otherwise i would not say>