Friday, November 30, 2012

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. Part II.

Recently, we've begun exposing allies and enablers of Boro Park Shomrim. Buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner's close relationship to Shomrim has allegedly enabled Shomrim to commit dozens of alleged crimes. Supporters of Shomrim must cease their support or face accountability as well. 
Buff Booky Kaluszyner posing in a Shomrim vehicle
while installing a mobile walkie talkie. Kaluszyner is adorned by a BUFF beanie hat.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
In Part I we reported on Booky's lights and sirens business, and how he has offered his services to Boro Park Shomrim. In addition to installing illegal lights and sirens into many members' cars, he also installed lights and sirens into official Shomrim vehicles. He also installed mobile walkie talkies into their vehicles.

Shomrim supporter buff Booky Kaluszyner installing mobile walkie talkie
antennas in BSSP Car #1, driven by Moses Reichberg Unit-23.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator

Furthermore, Booky has worked closely with Shomrim on the scenes of their calls, including on searches for missing children. Shomrim has requested his help despite serious allegations of sexual misconduct on his part toward teenagers. (An in-depth report is forthcoming in a future post in our series on Shomrim's enablers.)

Shomrim supporter buff Booky Kaluszyner setting up caution tape
with Shomrim coordinator Mark Motti Katz Unit-18.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
Prior to Boro Park Shomrim acquiring their own command post, Boro Park Shomrim borrowed the FSSP Flatbush Shomrim mobile command post during large operations including searches for missing people. During searches conducted by Boro Park Shomrim, Booky has been seen inside the command post. Reportedly, FSSP Coordinator Chaim Deutsch Unit-01 dislikes Booky, but Booky was none-the-less invited into the command post by disgraced Shomrim search coordinator Avigdor Brief Unit-63. Booky has also been seen wearing a Lakewood Shomrim jacket inside the command post.

Shomrim supporter buff Booky Kaluszyner wearing a Lakewood Shomrim jacket
 inside Shomrim command post with Nuchem Avraham Schwartz Unit-89 
and coordinator Sam Follman Unit-48.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.

We've previous reported that Booky helped Shomrim acquire their illegal truck. He also helped them acquire illegal New Jersey dealer plates from Tzvi EDP Shapiro. Booky helped Shomrim coordinator Mark Motti Katz Unit-18 to acquire a Shomrim ATV which he fully equipped with emergency lights. Katz has been seen illegally driving this ATV throughout Boro Park.
Shomrim coordinator Mark Motti Katz Unit-18 posing with his
Shomrim scooters. Booky equipped these scooters with lights
and sirens.
Photo credit: Blog Investigator
Shomrim member Ari Weiss Unit-93 posing on Shomrim ATV,
which Booky outfitted with lights and sirens.
Photo Credit: TheYeshivaWorldNews. All rights reserved to them.

Booky has also been instrumental in acquiring the illegal Shomrim scooters with coordinator Jacob Yanky Daskal Unit-05, and has worked on them.

Shomrim supporter buff Booky Kaluszyner working on illegal Shomrim scooter.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator

Buff Booky Kaluszyner flips his middle finger to
Coordinator Jacob "Yanky" Daskal Unit-05,
while posing in front of two marked BSSP Boro Park Shomrim vehicles.
Photo Credit: Blog investigator.
Stay tuned for shocking revelations of alleged sexual misconduct by Booky Kaluszyner, reports on Tzvi EDP Shapiro, and Booky's close relationship with Ezra Max and NYC Community EMS.

Why does BSSP Boro Park Shomrim maintain a relationship with an alleged creep like Booky Kaluszyner?

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  1. Why does anyone still support Booky??? If he doesn't have his shop, the teenagers won't hang out by him anymore.

    He is a known child molester. When Booky is supposed to be helping teenagers who are in desparate need of pshchological help, who are asking for help; he in turn molests them and hurts them pshycologically for life.

    Never mind the fact that he pulls them out of school, which is tremendously detrimental to their lifes success.

    I urge all men, women and children alike, to come forth with your stories of abuse by Baruch (Booky) Kaluszyner, or abuse by anyone else, past or present.

    There is help and a way to make it stop for once and for all. We can stop it. No one else will.