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Our blog makes every effort to report news as it happens. However, we make an even greater effort to report accurately. Therefore, we have been slightly set back by the holidays in our reporting. Our attorney and investigators have been taking a well deserved vacation. We expect to be back on full schedule after New Year.

Well-connected Shomrim volunteer Elie Berger Unit-41 has been arrested last week for allegedly assaulting his wife. On Sunday evening, officers from the NYPD's 66th Precinct responded to a call at Berger's home and allegedly found a frantic wife seeking refuge from her allegedly battering Shomrim husband. After the officers completed completed investigating, Elie Berger Unit-41 was arrested on December 16th, 2012 at approximately 8:30pm. His arrest number is K12714644.

Elie Berger Unit-41 of Boro Park Shomrim,
is under arrest for allegedly assaulting his wife.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Sources tell us that Berger has been charged with Assault with the Intention to Cause Physical Injury, Menacing, Harassment with Physical Contact, and Attempted Assault with the Intention to Cause Physical Injury. 

Sources inside Shomrim tell us that Shomrim coordinators Jacob Daskal Unit-05, and Mark Katz Unit-18, allegedly made a serious effort to have Berger freed from police custody before being transported to Central Booking. Sources tell us that incompetent 66th Precinct CO Michael Deddo was allegedly prepared to release Berger from the 66th precinct's holding cell, but was warned by a senior Shomrim coordinator - who is well respected across the community and among law enforcement officials - to back off and enforce the law. Sources tell us that this coordinator has been attempting to reform Shomrim from within, but has been repeatedly stifled by other coordinators. The other coordinators realized that their pleas will be ignored, once Central Booking was notified of Berger's pending arrival.

Shomrim volunteer Elie Berger Unit-41 (left)
being led with NYR Buff Hershy Greenberger Buff-312 (center)
by Brooklyn District Attorney Detective Investigators,
after they have been arrested for alleged insurance fraud.
Berger has been arrested last week for allegedly assaulting his wife.
Photo Credit: Jesse Ward for the New York Daily News. All rights reserved to them.
Last year, Berger was arrested along with Booky Kaluszyner's New York Radio's Hershy Greenberger Buff-312 for allegedly committing serious insurance fraud. Berger, who owns Perfect Collision, an auto-repair shop on 60th Street in Boro Park, was accused of intentionally damaging vehicles brought into his shop for repairs, in order to inflate his insurance billing. Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes issued a press release stating that investigators searching "Berger’s home recovered more than $700,000 in cash, [and] a 2011 application for public assistance claiming Berger earned $350 per week as an employee of Perfect Collision."

New York Radio's Hershy Greenberger Buff-312 (far right),
with Shomrim members Shlomie Gross Unit-21, Ari Glick Unit-67,
Yunty Rosenberg Unit-72 with an apprehended suspect.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
After Shomrim's Elie Berger Unit-41 and New York Radio's Hershy Greenberger Buff-312 were arrested last year, cowardly Shomrim volunteer Pinchas "Pinny" Ringel Unit-60 raced to mobilize a group of Shomrim members and sympathizers to rush to court and support Berger at his arraignment. Ringel has an alleged reputation within Shomrim for being a coward. Allegedly, when Pinchas Ringel Unit-60 responds to Shomrim calls that involve confronting suspects or following them on foot, Ringel always finds an excuse to back off. However, the moment that a suspect is restrained by other members, Ringel is allegedly infamous for repeatedly kicking the restrained suspect.

Boro Park Shomrim member Elie Berger Unit-41 (circled in red)
owner of Perfect Collision, who has been arrested last week by the
66th precinct for allegedly assaulting his wife,
posing with fellow Shomrim members and 66th Precinct detectives, including:
Jack Chait Unit-80 owner of "Spoons," Ari Glick Unit-67 of "Judaica Corner,"
Pinchas Ringel Unit-60 owner of "Boost Mobile Store by 13th Avenue Wireless,"
Solomon Lenorovits Unit-77 of "Kedem Winery," Nathan Schwartz Unit-89,
Samuel Rubin Unit-95 of "Blinds and Drapery," Joel Klein Unit-37/W-37,
66th precinct detectives Mike Milici and Vincent Galeno.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Ringel is a former aid to former Councilman Simcha Felder. Ringel deflected from the Felder camp to work for Felder's opponent in this years State Senate race. Felder has been a steady supporter of Shomrim and used taxpayer funds to buy them a mobile command post.

BSSP Coward Pinchas "Pinny" Ringel Unit-60
with former boss and Councilman Simcha Felder,
incompetent 66th precinct CO Mike Deddo,
and community advocate Bernard Freilich.
Allegedly, Felder and Freilich refuse to speak with Ringel
after learning of allegations that he assaulted his wife.
Deddo, as usual, seems to be undeterred by the allegations against
Ringel and the other alleged Shomrim hoodlums.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Elie Berger Unit-41 has allegedly been abusing his wife for over a decade. Sources tell us that his wife allegedly stayed with him for the sake of her children. She allegedly believed that the children are better off with married parents. Sources tell us that Ringel - who is also reputed to allegedly lack shalom bayis (harmony in the home) and has been accused of allegedly assaulting his wife as well - is a strong supporter of Berger. Sources also tell us that Berger allegedly put all of his assets - including his home - into his wife's name in order to be eligible for government assistance as well as to protect it in case of a government seizure.

Sources inside Shomrim tell us that Elie Berger Unit-41 allegedly remains a member in good standing of Boro Park Shomrim.

Stay tuned for further developments on Elie Berger Unit-41, as well as an in-depth report on the coward Pinchas "Pinny" Ringel Unit-60.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner - Part III

Buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
We resume our expose series on Shomrim's close supporters and enablers with part three on buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner. We've previously reported on Booky's illegal lights and sirens business, and on his relationship with Shomrim

After tirelessly laboring on behalf of Shomrim and responding to their every demand and beckoning, including installing lights and sirens in their vehicles, and assisting them with all sorts of their operations, Booky allegedly applied to join Shomrim as a full member. Shomrim has a policy to only accept married or divorced individuals. However, on several occasions exceptions have been made. For example, Motty "scene supervisor" MNS Brauner was accepted into Shomrim despite being single. (He has since married.) Booky allegedly wanted the same waiver.

Shomrim member Motty "scene supervisor" MNS Brauner Unit-58.
doubles as NYR Buff-154.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 

A former Shomrim volunteer works with Booky on a
vehicle affixed with NYS Official Plates
that were allegedly supplied by Booky.
Photo Credit: Dependable Collision/The Yeshiva World News.
All rights reserved to them.
Sources inside Shomrim tell us that coordinators Jacob Yanky Daskal Unit-05, and Mark Motti Katz Unit-18, were allegedly in favor of waiving the marriage requirement and accepting him into Shomrim. Two coordinators allegedly abstained. Shomrim coordinator Simcha Bernath Unit-74 was allegedly adamant that Booky may not be accepted into Shomrim regardless of his marital status, because Booky is childish, unstable, unprofessional, and does not meet the standards for Shomrim that Bernath expects. (Booky has since married.) Reportedly, Bernath had to lay down the law because the other coordinators were allegedly accepting unqualified candidates into Shomrim.

Buff Booky Kaluszyner dressed in NYPD Highway Patrol regalia.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Sources close to Shomrim tell us that allegedly, the other coordinators simply wanted to accept Booky for the perks he allegedly promised to give them, including free lights and sirens service. Bernath, however, has a reputation for strictly playing by the book, and has allegedly never accepted a member with an ulterior motive. Bernath, allegedly, therefore vetoed the other coordinators' wishes to accept Booky, and Booky was denied membership in BSSP Shomrim.  

Buff Booky Kaluszyner dressed in FDNY overcoat
carrying "the four species," a Jewish custom on
the holiday of Sukkoth.
It was actions like these that concerned Bernath
about accepting Booky into Shomrim.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner dressed in FDNY overcoat,
outfitted with his nickname "Booky."
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
After his humiliating rejection from Shomrim, Booky attempted to venture out on his own. He assembled a group of fellow Shomrim rejects, unemployed buffs, and other vagrants that needed a hobby and were drawn to watching emergency services and Shomrim operating. He also recruited a few Shomrim members that were loyal to him and were fascinated with watching emergency service workers operate. This group was named New York Radio, or NYR. Its buffs carry walkie talkies and report incidents that they overhear on the police, fire department, EMS, and Shomrim frequencies. Several of his NYR buddies include Shomrim enabler Tzvi Chaim EDP Spira Buff-15 who we've previously reported on here and here, vile Shomrim member Motty Perl Unit-69/Buff-69, and Motty MNS "Scene Supervisor" Brauner Unit-58/Buff-154.
Buff Booky Kaluszyner is New York Radio Buff-001.
Photo Credit: Binyamin Wahrhaftig Buff-40
After being ridiculed by the majority of Shomrim members - including the coordinators that first wanted to accept him - for simply being a buff that followed them around, Booky realized that he needs to do something to repair his infantile reputation. He took an EMT course and upon completion, Booky allegedly applied to join Hatzolah. Reportedly, Booky was satisfied if he would simply be admitted as a service member. Sources inside Hatzolah tell us that a Flatbush coordinator quickly alerted his colleagues that Booky is a reckless and immature buff, and that it will only be a matter of time before he causes them a crisis.The other coordinators agreed, and he was denied membership.

Buff Booky Kaluszyner posing in front of the
Hatzolah Command Center, a group that Booky hoped to join.
He was allegedly rejected due to his behavior and reputation.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
NYR buffs allegedly focus their time listening to the Shomrim frequency, and watch them work on their calls. At first this excited Booky,but after his alleged rejections by both Shomrim and Hatzalah, Booky felt that he should attempt to do something productive with his buffs. Using "The Shop," a drop-in center for troubled teenagers, Booky opened his first EMT class. He soon graduated a small group of buff EMTs. He called them The Shop Boys EMTs.

Booky's Shop Boys EMT logo and patch.
Photo Credit: Binyamin Wahrhaftig Buff-40

NYR/The Shop Boys EMTs bowling with Booky.
Photo Credit: Binyamin Wahrhaftig Buff-40
Booky then acquired a struggling ambulance company named Century Ambulance. He allegedly hired some of his Shop Boys EMTs but this venture quickly ended with alleged legal action waged against him.

Century Ambulance business card.
The company failed under Booky's leadership.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tip

Booky comparing his illegally obtained
"offical" plates and vehicle (left)
with a legitimate "official" vehicle (right).
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Lost and bitter at his failed ambulance venture, Booky allegedly turned to Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps (BSVAC). It quickly became apparent that Booky was less interested in serving as an EMT, and was more interested in the excitement that comes along with the perks.He allegedly struck a deal with BSVAC Captain James "Rocky" Robinson to get official plates on his vehicle. Official plates are reserved for government bodies, volunteer fire departments, and volunteer ambulance companies on all vehicles owned by these entities. Booky's vehicle was allegedly registered as an Emergency Ambulance Service Vehicle (EASV) and was supposed to be operated to transport EMTs and equipment to medical emergencies.

Buff Booky Kaluszyner installing his illegally
obtained "official" plates onto his infamous Acura MDX.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster

Buff Booky Kaluszyner allegedly illegally
operating emergency red lights
on his vehicle bearing official plates.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Booky also allegedly received "official" plates from a search and rescue company he registered called Metro New York Search and Rescue. When the New York Daily News exposed a rampant "official plate" scandal,Baruch Booky Kaluszyner was interviewed. However, in order to protect himself, he stated his name was Sam Lichtenstein, a volunteer with a different organization. Lichtenstein does not have official plates. Kaluszyner allowed Lichtenstein to take the fall for him in the court of public opinion for a crime that Lichtenstein did not commit. It was only later that the Daily News caught Booky's fraud, and issued a correction.

Buff Booky Kaluszyner boasting with his "official" plate
juxtaposed against the Daily News issue exposing the scandal.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
After his fiasco with BSVAC ended, Booky allegedly sought to join East Midwood Volunteer Ambulance Company (EMVA) led by Chief Yakov "Yanky" Kornitzer. Kornitzer is reputed to be a sleazy character accused of embezzling large sums of money from EMVA's coffers. Kornitzer also allegedly leads his EMTs in rampant law breaking. They allegedly often drive around running red lights despite not having a call, pick up jobs outside of their licensed service area, maintain EDP Spira despite his multitude of issues,and do so with the belief that they are above the law. Disgraced Shomrim member Avigdor Brief is also an EMVA leader. Booky's best friend Tzvi Chaim EDP Spira volunteers there, despite his fragile mental state.Despite doing lights and sirens work for EMVA, Kornitzer allegedly rejected Booky's application for the same reasons as Hatzalah; namely, Booky is a liability nobody wants.

EMVA Vehicle outfitted with lights and sirens by Kaluszyner.
Kaluszyner was allegedly rejected by EMVA despite his service.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Nobody that is, except for Ezra Max, Chief of NYC Community EMS. Max was a founder of EMVA, but was allegedly expelled from the organization by Kornitzer after Max accused Kornitzer of stealing EMVA funds. When Max opened NYC Community EMS, he struggled to establish himself as an equal competitor to Kornitzer. Max therefore saw accepting Booky into his company as an opportunity to gain an ally against Kornitzer. Unfortunately for Max, he failed to understand that Booky is a liability that even Kornitzer - a sleazy degenerate - didn't want.

EMVA Chief Yakov "Yanky" Kornitzer,
accused of embezzling large sums of money
and running an allegedly oft law breaking
volunteer ambulance company.
Sources close to Booky tell this blog that Booky's interest in joining Max and NYC Community EMS was simply another attempt at getting perks without doing the work. While Booky served as a trusted adviser to Max, he allegedly failed NYC Community EMS as an EMT. Sources tell us that Booky was also allegedly interested in gathering information for his best friend EDP Spira over at EMVA. Allegedly, he schemed to sabotage Max in order to gain favor with Kornitzer and EMVA. His alleged plan failed.
Ezra Max, Chief of NYC Community EMS,
accepted Kaluszyner into his company despite
Booky's reputation and behavior.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
Max built NYC Community EMS into a reputable organization despite his many challenges. Booky reportedly maintains a close relationship with Max. This relationship will be better understood in a future post.

NYC Community EMS ambulance with "DIAL 911" decal.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Stay tuned for Part IV in which we reveal the most shocking allegations we've documented to date, regarding Booky's involvement with teen boys at a high school he founded with NYR Buff Rabbi Ozer Babad.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alleged wife abuser Yoel Fekete Unit-108

Shomrim volunteer Yoel Fekete Unit-108 allegedly has an extensive history of domestic violence abuse. Sources close to Fekete tell us that while Fekete was married he allegedly would often beat and cruelly abuse his wife. Unfortunately, his wife had no where to turn to for help. One day Fekete returned home from work to find his wife cooking dinner. Fekete's wife offered him a bowl of soup and Fekete accepted.

Shomrim volunteer Yoel Fekete Unit-108,
accused of allegedly abusing his ex-wife, among other women.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator

Upon tasting the soup, Fekete was allegedly dissatisfied with it, and allegedly threw the bowl of scalding hot soup at his wife's face. Unbeknownst to Fekete, his mother-in-law was in the apartment at the time, and she walked in just as he allegedly assaulted his wife with the hot soup. Fekete allegedly claimed it was an accident, but the keen mother-in-law knew better than to cover up the alleged assault, and immediately called an ambulance. After being treated at the hospital, her mother allegedly demanded that she leave her husband. Sources involved in his divorce tell us that the Beis Din (rabbinical court) allegedly found her story to be credible, and a divorce was issued.

Alleged women beater Yoel Fekete Unit-108,
 with vile member Motty Perl Unit-69,
Shomrim member and Auxiliary Sgt. Issac Katz Unit-106,
and Shomrim leader Moses Reichberg Unit-23.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Following his divorce and despite having a widespread reputation for allegedly regularly assaulting his wife, the Shomrim coordinators accepted his application to join them. Sources close to the hiring process tell us that the coordinators chose to overlook his ill character and alleged domestic violence record because they figured a divorcee will have extra time to respond to calls. 

Sources tell us that since his divorce, Fekete has dated several girls whom he has abused as well. This blog feels that Fekete poses a grave danger to the public, and it is outrageous that Shomrim harbors and enables such a predator.

Alleged wife assailant Yoel Fekete Unit-108,
with Shomrim scene supervisor Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58,
Shomrim leader Moses Reichberg Unit-23,
NYPD 66th Precinct Community Affairs Detective Mike Milici
and NYPD 66th Precinct Sergeant Lesly Charles.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
After his wife left him, Fekete allegedly turned to assaulting suspects he detained with Shomrim.

Yoel Fekete assists in restraining
and allegedly assaulting a suspect,
while other Shomrim members allegedly assault him as well.
Kneeling on the suspect is Tzadok Stern Unit-111
of U.S. Chocolate Corp/United Chocolate Corp.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
Alleged wife beater and suspect assailant Yoel Fekete Unit-108
working with 66th Precinct's incompetent CO Michael Deddo.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 

Alleged wife beater and suspect assailant Yoel Fekete Unit-108
being awarded by 66th Precinct's incompetent CO Michael Deddo.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them. 
It is evident time and time again that Shomrim is comprised of vile degenerates, who use their clout with Shomrim and their relationship with the police to commit heinous crimes. In spite of this, we find incompetent 66th precinct CO Mike Deddo awarding alleged domestic violence offender Yoel Fekete Unit-108. 

It's time for Mike Deddo to reconsider his support of Shomrim. By now this blog has documented far too many offenses committed by Shomrim for Deddo to simply ignore it. Deddo is paid by the people of the City of New York to serve them and not a small group of thugs.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Obsessed Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43

Obsessed Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
Obsessed Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43, a struggling handyman, is often allegedly taken advantage of by his fellow Shomrim volunteers. Sources close to Waks tell us that on numerous occasions Shomrim scene supervisor Abraham Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58 allegedly used Waks's services without paying his fee. 

Obsessed Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43, posing on a Shomrim scooter.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.
A.R.G., a volunteer with a different non-profit organization, is reportedly partners with Waks. Sources tell us that on one occasion, A.R.G. allegedly refused Shomrim coordinator Jacob Daskal Unit-05's demand to provide him with free service. Daskal allegedly vowed that in retaliation, he would never accept A.R.G. - who was a pending applicant - into Shomrim.

Obsessed Shomrim member Meir Waks Unit-43 with
Shomrim volunteers Lebovits Unit-59, Fekete Unit-108,
and Elbogen Unit-42.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Obsessed Shomrim member Meir Waks was also allegedly duped into laying out funds to purchase the illegal Shomrim truck with vile Shomrim member Motty Perl Unit-69 and allegedly never had his funds returned. Waks is also known to drive one of the illegal Shomrim scooters which he parks by his 40th Street home. In this video you can see Meir Waks Unit-43 entering the illegal Shomrim truck being driven by alleged wife abuser Yoel Fekete Unit-108. (Stay tuned for a report on Fekete.)

Waks Unit-43 entering the illegal Shomrim truck
that he was allegedly duped into purchasing.
Fekete Unit-108 is driving the truck.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Sources close to the Waks family inform this blog that Meir Waks has "shalom bayis problems" with his wife. (Shalom Bayis is a Hassidic term for domestic harmony.) Sources tell us that a lot of the issues stem from his obssesive involvement with Shomrim.

Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43 -
who is allegedly not Sabbath observant -
donning phylacteries (tefillin) inside the Shomrim mobile command post.
Waks is accused of allegedly protecting child molesters
in accordance with Shomrim policy.
With him is Shomrim member and dispatcher
Nachman Rosenberg Unit-46 aka Unit-W46,
and disgraced Shomrim member and EMVA leader Avigdor Brief Unit-63.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.
Despite the fact that Waks's obsession with Shomrim is being taken advantage of by his Shomrim cohorts, this blog offers him no sympathy. Sources tell us that Waks allegedly repeatedly ridicules developmentally disabled consumers from HASC. On more than one occasion, Waks was seen with Shomrim member Hershey Lebovits Unit-59 imitating the way a developmentally disabled consumer walked - in front of his face. Waks and Levovits' values seem to reflect the schema of Boro Park Shomrim.

(L-R) Shomrim coordinators Abe Kaztow Unit-65, Sam Follman Unit-48,
Mark Katz Unit-18, Jacob Daskal Unit-05,
vile member Abraham Motty Perl Unit-69, Meir Waks Unit-43,
coordinator Simcha Bernath, incompetent 66 precinct CO Mike Deddo.
Deddo supports Shomrim despite their policies on protecting sex offenders
such as admitted pedophile David Greenfeld.
In toting his allegiance to Shomrim, sources inside Boro Park Shomrim tell us that the obsessed Waks Unit-43 allegedly covered up for a serial child molestor in Boro Park. Sources tell us that Waks allegedly caught admitted child molestor David Greenfeld molesting a child in the Tosher mikvah in Boro Park. Sources inside Shomrim tell us that allegedly, Waks simply ordered Greenfeld to let the boy go, and informed him that if he leaves, Shomrim - as per their policy - will allow him to go free. It was only when anti-rape activist Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg exposed Greenfeld's behavior, that he was arrested.

Handwritten letter in Hebrew,
signed by admitted child molester David Greenfeld
vowing to desist his involvement with students under all circumstances.
Greenfeld was allegedly first protected by
Shomrim member Meir Waks Unit-43 in accordance with Shomrim policy.
Greenfeld was eventually arrested by the NYPD's Sex Crimes Bureau.
Note: The admitted child molester David Greenfeld is not one and the same with NYC Councilman David Greenfield

Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43 who allegedly
protects child molesters in accordance with Shomrim policy,
being awarded by incompetent 66th precinct CO Mike Deddo.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.
If you or anyone you know was a victim of a sex crime do not contact Boro Park Shomrim. Contact the NYPD Brooklyn Special Victims Squad at 718-330-5600. Regardless of what Shomrim may have told you or may have done to cover up the crime, the experienced detectives of the Brooklyn Special Victims Squad can and will help you pursue justice. 

Once again we ask, how does a supposed anti-crime patrol allegedly protect notorious sex offenders? Why does the 66th precinct's incompetent CO Mike Deddo appear to allow them to do so?

Shomrim kin arrested by the FBI

This blog's policy is to strictly report on Shomrim members and their enablers. We do not merely report on those associated with or related to them. Regardless, we find it speaks volumes that Shomrim members' relatives are alleged criminals as well.

Over the years there have been many incidents where Shomrim members' relatives were arrested for various crimes. Over the past two weeks, four more have been placed under arrest.

Sources close to an ongoing federal investigation tell this blog that two Shomrim kin have just been arrested by the FBI in Boro Park. Sources close to the investigation tell us that there may be more arrests, including one of a Shomrim member. Should the member be arrested, we will provide you with a complete and detailed report.

Furthermore, recently two Shomrim kin were arrested by the NYPD for their involvement in a vicious assault. Once again we will withhold reporting on this story unless we feel that Shomrim acted inappropriately in dealing with these arrests.

Crime breeds crime and criminals breed criminals. In the words of the Talmud,"woe onto the evil one, and woe onto his neighbor."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Reminder on our Mission and Policy and a Note to Tipsters

For over a month our blog has been exposing various forms of corruption with regards to BSSP Boro Park Shomrim. Our criticism has shaken up the entire community, and has brought inquiry and investigation from several government agencies. Most of these investigations are ongoing.

Our commitment is not to destroy but to reform. We firmly believe that Boro Park Shomrim has an opportunity to be a force for good in their community. However, under their current leadership and under their current policies they pose a serious danger to everyone with whom they interact.

In the course of our expose we have reported on many individual Shomrim members and their enablers.

If you are affiliated with Boro Park Shomrim and have not yet been exposed on our blog, and believe that you have something to hide, we strongly implore you to resign from your position immediately. We will not report on anyone that fully severs their ties with Shomrim. 

Furthermore, if you've already been exposed and wish to have your post(s) removed, you can! All you have to do is resign from your position immediately, and sever your ties with Shomrim. This offer stands until further notice.

If you do wish to take us up on our offer, kindly submit a comment with your name and position, along with your date of resignation. As soon as our team is able to confirm that you have in fact resigned, any trace of you will be removed off of our blog.


While we appreciate the slew of information and tips readers send in, please be patient as we investigate your report. We try our best to ensure the accuracy of every post. While you may feel that your evidence is solid, we may be unable to post it due to a variety of reasons. Often, our attorney advises against a particular post and we must always adhere to legal counsel.

Furthermore, please do not send us intentionally false information. Such tips simply slow down our investigators, and hinder our reporting process. We will not be your vehicle to defame people, no matter how terrible they are.

As always, you may submit your tips and feedback confidentially and anonymously in the comment section of any post. Please include your contact information should we need to follow up with you. 

Finally, while we detest corruption in all its forms, we are particularly focused on exposing and reforming Boro Park Shomrim. This is where we chose to dedicate our resources. If you have an issue with other organizations or individuals, please find another venue to air your frustrations. We aren't here to carry out your petty personal fighting.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Vile Shomrim Member Motty Perl Unit-69 - Part I

Shomrim member Abraham "Motty" Perl Unit-69 is the owner of Scotto's Bakery located at 3807 13th Avenue in Boro Park. Sources close to the bakery allege that Perl runs a "cash business." This means that allegedly, Perl does not report to the IRS most of his business transactions. An employee at the bakery confirmed that he - and most employees - are paid in cash. We find it ironic that a member of a supposed anti-crime patrol allegedly commits federal and local tax fraud every day.

Vile Shomrim member Abraham Motty Perl Unit-69.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
Like other Shomrim owned food businesses, Perl has allegedly had his run-ins with the Department of Health. Allegedly, Perl's bakery has numerous fire and health code violations. (Sources at the Department of Health inform us that a Shomrim owned pizza shop and caterer that was inspected this week had shocking violations, including live mice found in food areas. Stay tuned for an in-depth report.)

Perl developed the reputation of a sleazy philanderer. Allegedly, Perl - who is married with children - frequents strip clubs at will. It has also been alleged that Motty Perl pursues married women. In fact, a source close to this blog leaked us nearly a dozen inappropriate pictures of Perl that he allegedly sent to married women. These pictures are too vulgar for us to publish, and are being dealt with by proper channels.

Vile Shomrim member Motty Perl Unit-69 appearing naked.
 He allegedly sent this picture along with others to married women.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Sources close to the Perl family inform us that his in-laws have allegedly twice hired private investigators to follow him and determine if he was having an affair. Allegedly, Perl noticed that he was being followed, and allegedly enlisted the help of fellow Shomrim members to help him lose the tail.

Motty Perl Unit-69 has a reputation for threatening competitors and individuals that he doesn't like. He is an auxiliary police officer with the NYPD's 66th Precinct and has allegedly used his badge to threaten individuals, by stating that he's an undercover police officer and that he'll get away with assaulting and then arresting them. Perl's auxiliary police supervisor is Sergeant Issac "Yitzy" Katz, who doubles as Shomrim Unit-106. Yitzy Katz is brothers with Shomrim coordinator Mark Katz Unit-18.

Auxiliary officer and Shomrim member Motty Perl Unit-69
receiving an award from incompetent 66pct CO Michael Deddo.
Photo Credit: TheYeshivaWorldNews. All rights reserved to them.
NYPD 66th precinct Auxiliary Sergeant and
Shomrim volunteer Issac Yitzy Katz  Unit-106,
posing in his office.
Photo Credit: C.H.
Sources tell us that recently Perl - while operating his bakery's forklift truck emblazoned with BSSP Shomrim decals - threatened a coordinator from CWSP stating that he will assault him. Several sources have confirmed that Perl unleashed a vulgar triad of threats, while barking obscenities, and making obscene gestures. This allegedly occurred in broad daylight in front of young children on Thirteenth Avenue.

Vile Shomrim volunteer and APO Abraham Motty Perl Unit-69,
making an obscene hand gesture in front of his 13th Avenue bakery
while on a BSSP Shomrim forklift.
Click picture to enlarge. Note the Shomrim markings and his vile hand gesture.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster

Vile Shomrim member Motty Perl with coordinator Motty Katz.
Photo Credit: The Boro Park Scoop. All rights reserved to them.

Perl has also been seen making obscene gestures on the scene of Shomrim calls. Last night, on the scene of a heated dispute on Sixty First street in Boro Park, Perl once again allegedly lashed out at bystanders, and repeatedly made obscene gestures. His fellow Shomrim members - including his auxiliary supervisor Sergeant Issac Katz Unit-106 - allegedly did nothing to stop him. Sources tell us that Shomrim members feel indebted to Perl because he helped purchase the illegal Shomrim truck and wasn't properly reimbursed for the money he laid out.

Vile Shomrim volunteer and APO Abraham Motty Perl Unit-69,
making an obscene hand gesture while on a Shomrim call.
With him is alleged wife abuser Shomrim member
Yoel Fekete Unit-108, wearing an NYPD patch.
Click picture to enlarge.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Does Motty Perl live up to the standards of a community leader? Should he be in Shomrim? Should the incompetent 66 precinct CO Michael Deddo maintain Perl as an auxiliary officer? 

Stay tuned for Part II.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tzvi EDP Shapiro - Part II

This is part two of our report on Tzvi EDP Shapiro, which continues our all encompassing reporting on Shomrim's enablers and supporters. Shapiro maintains a close relationship with Boro Park Shomrim.

Tzvi EDP Shapiro with Shomrim member and
owner of Blue Dish Chayim Kornbluh Unit-16, shopping.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
After being expelled from Chaverim, settling into life as a bitter divorcee, and being fired from his father's business, Shapiro found himself lost, and without a way to spend his time. EDP enrolled in an EMT course. However, allegedly, he found the course too challenging and was failing. Desperate to become an EMT (in the hopes of joining Hatzalah), EDP hired a private tutor and allegedly spent over five thousand dollars ($5,000USD) studying for the licensing exam. (An average EMT course costs approximately one thousand dollars ($1,000USD).

Upon passing his licensing exam, EDP allegedly applied to volunteer with Hatzalah. He was immedtiately rejected. He then applied to East Midwood Volunteer Ambulance Service (EMVA). He was allegedly rejected. 

Having invested too much into becoming an EMT, EDP allegedly offered to donate to EMVA several items of expensive equipment. Sources tell us that EMVA Chiefs Yakov Kornitzer and Ezra Max then accepted him, despite an alleged appeal from EMVA volunteer and disgraced Shomrim member Avigdor Brief to reject him. Brief allegedly insisted that EDP's tarnished reputation will reflect poorly on EMVA, and that his measly donations weren’t worth the sacrifice. 

Tzvi Shapiro EDP in EMVA uniform.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
It quickly became apparent that Brief’s initial intuitions were right. EDP was allegedly reckless on calls, performed poorly, drove recklessly, and abused and misused emergency lights and sirens. Allegedly, EMVA's Chief Yakov "Yanky" Kornitzer Unit-4010 decided it was time to suspend EDP.

Tzvi Shaprio EDP driving his truck,
lit up with illegal emergency lights.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Allegedely, upon hearing of his impending suspension, Shaprio attempted suicide. He allegedly informed his EMVA colleagues of his plans, and they immediately raced over to try and stop him. Allegedly, when he heard them coming he aborted his plans and led them on a high speed chase that involved the NYPD. He was apprehended off the Belt Parkway and allegedly taken by the NYPD Highway Patrol to Coney Island Hospital's psychiatric ward for treatment.

Despite his incredibly fragile mental state, his history of law breaking, as well as his infantile outbursts and shameful judgment, EMVA leaders Chief Yakov Kornitzer and disgraced Shomrim member Avigdor Brief Unit-63 continue to maintain his tenure at EMVA.

Stay tuned for Part III.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tzvi EDP Shaprio - Part I

Tzvi Shapiro volunteers for East Midwood Volunteer Ambulance and maintains a very close relationship with Boro Park Shomrim. 

Tzvi Shapiro grew up in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. He’s a member of the Ger sect of Hassidim. As a teenager, his was allegedly expelled from his all-boys Ger high school after he was allegedly caught engaging in sexual activities with fellow students. 

Tzvi Shapiro, dressed in traditional Ger Hassidic garb,
posing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
As a teenager, Tzvi Shapiro began working for his father’s used car dealership, A&R Auto Sales on Sixteenth Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Shapiro allegedly maintained a reputation for seeking boys his age to engage in consentual sexual activities with. His father decided it was time to marry him off. 

Tzvi Shapiro married the daughter of a successful Kosher grocer. His marriage was incredibly short lived. Allegedly, Shapiro repeatedly raped his wife when she was ill or menstruating (and thus forbidden to him under their custom). These allegations were allegedly found plausible by the rabbinical court overseeing the divorce. The divorce was issued.

Shapiro, who was long friends with buff Booky Kaluszyner, who we’ve previously reported on here and here, and signed up for Booky’s New York Radio buff frequency. Buffs sign up to this frequency to broadcast messages regarding whatever may interest them over their walkie talkies. Shaprio was allegedly obsessed with this service, and was heard broadcasting at all times of the day.

Shapiro developed a reputation for being a hotheaded, deranged, and misguided soul. It was then that his closest friend Booky Kaluszyner, nicknamed him EDP – an acronym used by emergency services to describe the mentally ill, which stands for Emotionally Disturbed Person – and the nickname has since stuck. 

Tzvi EDP Shapiro throwing a fit inside a Brooklyn restaurant.
Photo Credit: M.S.
As EDP was reeling from his divorce, trouble began at home. His father and employer allegedly caught him stealing three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000USD) from this business. EDP was allegedly fired, and his father has allegedly refused to speak to him since.

A&R Auto Sales, the used car dealership owned by EDP's father.
EDP was allegedly fired for allegedly stealing $300,000.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Several years after his firing, EDP allegedly opened up a competing used car dealership in New Jersey. He believed that he’d be able to take his father’s clients with him, and despite his NJ license, hoped to close deals in NYC. None of his father's clients budged. EDP would later use his car delearship to allegedly, illegally supply Boro Park Shomrim with a plate for their truck

Perfect Choice Auto Sales, the used car dealership allegedly owned by EDP,
which allegedly supplied illegal plates to Boro Park Shomrim.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
EDP later applied to volunteer with many organizations, but was rejected by each one due to his background. Finally, Chaverim decided to give him a chance and accepted him as a volunteer. It was at Chaverim that EDP finally cemented his reputation as an erratic hothead and others began to distance themselves from him.

He was allegedly disruptive on Chaverim calls, performed poorly, drove recklessly, and initiated disputes with innocent people. One Erev Pesach (the day leading to Passover eve), as the Borough Park community was burning their chametz (leavened bread) in accordance with their tradition, Chaverim worked in cooperation with the FDNY to coordinate safety at a slew of sanctioned burning sites.

Tzvi EDP Shapiro in his Chaverim uniform,
shouting at an elderly community resident
as he orders the FDNY to prematurely shut down a sanctioned fire
used by community residents to discard of their leavened bread prior to Passover eve.
Chaverim has since expelled EDP from their organization.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
On 16th Avenue and 53rd Street, EDP was assigned by Chaverim to oversee the fire and maintain its safety. Community residents were discarding their chametz into the fire, when EDP decided that he wished to go home. Despite his orders from Chaverim to remain at the fire until the pre-designated time that was set in conjunction with the religious deadline to burn the chametz, EDP decided that he wished to go home. The burning bread was not fully disintegrated yet, and this raised a religious concern with some of the fire's participants. Under their tradition, all leavened bread must be fully disintegrated prior to the onset of Passover. Extinguishing the fire prematurely, may cause these community residents to violate their religious beliefs. Despite pleas for compassion from Borough Park residents, EDP insisited that the FDNY extinguish the fire and leave the scene. 

Eventually, Chaverim allegedly grew tired of offering EDP multiple chances, and expelled him from the organization. 

Stay tuned for Part II.