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Buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner - Part III

Buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
We resume our expose series on Shomrim's close supporters and enablers with part three on buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner. We've previously reported on Booky's illegal lights and sirens business, and on his relationship with Shomrim

After tirelessly laboring on behalf of Shomrim and responding to their every demand and beckoning, including installing lights and sirens in their vehicles, and assisting them with all sorts of their operations, Booky allegedly applied to join Shomrim as a full member. Shomrim has a policy to only accept married or divorced individuals. However, on several occasions exceptions have been made. For example, Motty "scene supervisor" MNS Brauner was accepted into Shomrim despite being single. (He has since married.) Booky allegedly wanted the same waiver.

Shomrim member Motty "scene supervisor" MNS Brauner Unit-58.
doubles as NYR Buff-154.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 

A former Shomrim volunteer works with Booky on a
vehicle affixed with NYS Official Plates
that were allegedly supplied by Booky.
Photo Credit: Dependable Collision/The Yeshiva World News.
All rights reserved to them.
Sources inside Shomrim tell us that coordinators Jacob Yanky Daskal Unit-05, and Mark Motti Katz Unit-18, were allegedly in favor of waiving the marriage requirement and accepting him into Shomrim. Two coordinators allegedly abstained. Shomrim coordinator Simcha Bernath Unit-74 was allegedly adamant that Booky may not be accepted into Shomrim regardless of his marital status, because Booky is childish, unstable, unprofessional, and does not meet the standards for Shomrim that Bernath expects. (Booky has since married.) Reportedly, Bernath had to lay down the law because the other coordinators were allegedly accepting unqualified candidates into Shomrim.

Buff Booky Kaluszyner dressed in NYPD Highway Patrol regalia.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Sources close to Shomrim tell us that allegedly, the other coordinators simply wanted to accept Booky for the perks he allegedly promised to give them, including free lights and sirens service. Bernath, however, has a reputation for strictly playing by the book, and has allegedly never accepted a member with an ulterior motive. Bernath, allegedly, therefore vetoed the other coordinators' wishes to accept Booky, and Booky was denied membership in BSSP Shomrim.  

Buff Booky Kaluszyner dressed in FDNY overcoat
carrying "the four species," a Jewish custom on
the holiday of Sukkoth.
It was actions like these that concerned Bernath
about accepting Booky into Shomrim.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Buff Baruch Booky Kaluszyner dressed in FDNY overcoat,
outfitted with his nickname "Booky."
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
After his humiliating rejection from Shomrim, Booky attempted to venture out on his own. He assembled a group of fellow Shomrim rejects, unemployed buffs, and other vagrants that needed a hobby and were drawn to watching emergency services and Shomrim operating. He also recruited a few Shomrim members that were loyal to him and were fascinated with watching emergency service workers operate. This group was named New York Radio, or NYR. Its buffs carry walkie talkies and report incidents that they overhear on the police, fire department, EMS, and Shomrim frequencies. Several of his NYR buddies include Shomrim enabler Tzvi Chaim EDP Spira Buff-15 who we've previously reported on here and here, vile Shomrim member Motty Perl Unit-69/Buff-69, and Motty MNS "Scene Supervisor" Brauner Unit-58/Buff-154.
Buff Booky Kaluszyner is New York Radio Buff-001.
Photo Credit: Binyamin Wahrhaftig Buff-40
After being ridiculed by the majority of Shomrim members - including the coordinators that first wanted to accept him - for simply being a buff that followed them around, Booky realized that he needs to do something to repair his infantile reputation. He took an EMT course and upon completion, Booky allegedly applied to join Hatzolah. Reportedly, Booky was satisfied if he would simply be admitted as a service member. Sources inside Hatzolah tell us that a Flatbush coordinator quickly alerted his colleagues that Booky is a reckless and immature buff, and that it will only be a matter of time before he causes them a crisis.The other coordinators agreed, and he was denied membership.

Buff Booky Kaluszyner posing in front of the
Hatzolah Command Center, a group that Booky hoped to join.
He was allegedly rejected due to his behavior and reputation.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
NYR buffs allegedly focus their time listening to the Shomrim frequency, and watch them work on their calls. At first this excited Booky,but after his alleged rejections by both Shomrim and Hatzalah, Booky felt that he should attempt to do something productive with his buffs. Using "The Shop," a drop-in center for troubled teenagers, Booky opened his first EMT class. He soon graduated a small group of buff EMTs. He called them The Shop Boys EMTs.

Booky's Shop Boys EMT logo and patch.
Photo Credit: Binyamin Wahrhaftig Buff-40

NYR/The Shop Boys EMTs bowling with Booky.
Photo Credit: Binyamin Wahrhaftig Buff-40
Booky then acquired a struggling ambulance company named Century Ambulance. He allegedly hired some of his Shop Boys EMTs but this venture quickly ended with alleged legal action waged against him.

Century Ambulance business card.
The company failed under Booky's leadership.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tip

Booky comparing his illegally obtained
"offical" plates and vehicle (left)
with a legitimate "official" vehicle (right).
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Lost and bitter at his failed ambulance venture, Booky allegedly turned to Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps (BSVAC). It quickly became apparent that Booky was less interested in serving as an EMT, and was more interested in the excitement that comes along with the perks.He allegedly struck a deal with BSVAC Captain James "Rocky" Robinson to get official plates on his vehicle. Official plates are reserved for government bodies, volunteer fire departments, and volunteer ambulance companies on all vehicles owned by these entities. Booky's vehicle was allegedly registered as an Emergency Ambulance Service Vehicle (EASV) and was supposed to be operated to transport EMTs and equipment to medical emergencies.

Buff Booky Kaluszyner installing his illegally
obtained "official" plates onto his infamous Acura MDX.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster

Buff Booky Kaluszyner allegedly illegally
operating emergency red lights
on his vehicle bearing official plates.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Booky also allegedly received "official" plates from a search and rescue company he registered called Metro New York Search and Rescue. When the New York Daily News exposed a rampant "official plate" scandal,Baruch Booky Kaluszyner was interviewed. However, in order to protect himself, he stated his name was Sam Lichtenstein, a volunteer with a different organization. Lichtenstein does not have official plates. Kaluszyner allowed Lichtenstein to take the fall for him in the court of public opinion for a crime that Lichtenstein did not commit. It was only later that the Daily News caught Booky's fraud, and issued a correction.

Buff Booky Kaluszyner boasting with his "official" plate
juxtaposed against the Daily News issue exposing the scandal.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
After his fiasco with BSVAC ended, Booky allegedly sought to join East Midwood Volunteer Ambulance Company (EMVA) led by Chief Yakov "Yanky" Kornitzer. Kornitzer is reputed to be a sleazy character accused of embezzling large sums of money from EMVA's coffers. Kornitzer also allegedly leads his EMTs in rampant law breaking. They allegedly often drive around running red lights despite not having a call, pick up jobs outside of their licensed service area, maintain EDP Spira despite his multitude of issues,and do so with the belief that they are above the law. Disgraced Shomrim member Avigdor Brief is also an EMVA leader. Booky's best friend Tzvi Chaim EDP Spira volunteers there, despite his fragile mental state.Despite doing lights and sirens work for EMVA, Kornitzer allegedly rejected Booky's application for the same reasons as Hatzalah; namely, Booky is a liability nobody wants.

EMVA Vehicle outfitted with lights and sirens by Kaluszyner.
Kaluszyner was allegedly rejected by EMVA despite his service.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Nobody that is, except for Ezra Max, Chief of NYC Community EMS. Max was a founder of EMVA, but was allegedly expelled from the organization by Kornitzer after Max accused Kornitzer of stealing EMVA funds. When Max opened NYC Community EMS, he struggled to establish himself as an equal competitor to Kornitzer. Max therefore saw accepting Booky into his company as an opportunity to gain an ally against Kornitzer. Unfortunately for Max, he failed to understand that Booky is a liability that even Kornitzer - a sleazy degenerate - didn't want.

EMVA Chief Yakov "Yanky" Kornitzer,
accused of embezzling large sums of money
and running an allegedly oft law breaking
volunteer ambulance company.
Sources close to Booky tell this blog that Booky's interest in joining Max and NYC Community EMS was simply another attempt at getting perks without doing the work. While Booky served as a trusted adviser to Max, he allegedly failed NYC Community EMS as an EMT. Sources tell us that Booky was also allegedly interested in gathering information for his best friend EDP Spira over at EMVA. Allegedly, he schemed to sabotage Max in order to gain favor with Kornitzer and EMVA. His alleged plan failed.
Ezra Max, Chief of NYC Community EMS,
accepted Kaluszyner into his company despite
Booky's reputation and behavior.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
Max built NYC Community EMS into a reputable organization despite his many challenges. Booky reportedly maintains a close relationship with Max. This relationship will be better understood in a future post.

NYC Community EMS ambulance with "DIAL 911" decal.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Stay tuned for Part IV in which we reveal the most shocking allegations we've documented to date, regarding Booky's involvement with teen boys at a high school he founded with NYR Buff Rabbi Ozer Babad.


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