Sunday, December 16, 2012

Obsessed Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43

Obsessed Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
Obsessed Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43, a struggling handyman, is often allegedly taken advantage of by his fellow Shomrim volunteers. Sources close to Waks tell us that on numerous occasions Shomrim scene supervisor Abraham Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58 allegedly used Waks's services without paying his fee. 

Obsessed Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43, posing on a Shomrim scooter.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.
A.R.G., a volunteer with a different non-profit organization, is reportedly partners with Waks. Sources tell us that on one occasion, A.R.G. allegedly refused Shomrim coordinator Jacob Daskal Unit-05's demand to provide him with free service. Daskal allegedly vowed that in retaliation, he would never accept A.R.G. - who was a pending applicant - into Shomrim.

Obsessed Shomrim member Meir Waks Unit-43 with
Shomrim volunteers Lebovits Unit-59, Fekete Unit-108,
and Elbogen Unit-42.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Obsessed Shomrim member Meir Waks was also allegedly duped into laying out funds to purchase the illegal Shomrim truck with vile Shomrim member Motty Perl Unit-69 and allegedly never had his funds returned. Waks is also known to drive one of the illegal Shomrim scooters which he parks by his 40th Street home. In this video you can see Meir Waks Unit-43 entering the illegal Shomrim truck being driven by alleged wife abuser Yoel Fekete Unit-108. (Stay tuned for a report on Fekete.)

Waks Unit-43 entering the illegal Shomrim truck
that he was allegedly duped into purchasing.
Fekete Unit-108 is driving the truck.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Sources close to the Waks family inform this blog that Meir Waks has "shalom bayis problems" with his wife. (Shalom Bayis is a Hassidic term for domestic harmony.) Sources tell us that a lot of the issues stem from his obssesive involvement with Shomrim.

Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43 -
who is allegedly not Sabbath observant -
donning phylacteries (tefillin) inside the Shomrim mobile command post.
Waks is accused of allegedly protecting child molesters
in accordance with Shomrim policy.
With him is Shomrim member and dispatcher
Nachman Rosenberg Unit-46 aka Unit-W46,
and disgraced Shomrim member and EMVA leader Avigdor Brief Unit-63.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.
Despite the fact that Waks's obsession with Shomrim is being taken advantage of by his Shomrim cohorts, this blog offers him no sympathy. Sources tell us that Waks allegedly repeatedly ridicules developmentally disabled consumers from HASC. On more than one occasion, Waks was seen with Shomrim member Hershey Lebovits Unit-59 imitating the way a developmentally disabled consumer walked - in front of his face. Waks and Levovits' values seem to reflect the schema of Boro Park Shomrim.

(L-R) Shomrim coordinators Abe Kaztow Unit-65, Sam Follman Unit-48,
Mark Katz Unit-18, Jacob Daskal Unit-05,
vile member Abraham Motty Perl Unit-69, Meir Waks Unit-43,
coordinator Simcha Bernath, incompetent 66 precinct CO Mike Deddo.
Deddo supports Shomrim despite their policies on protecting sex offenders
such as admitted pedophile David Greenfeld.
In toting his allegiance to Shomrim, sources inside Boro Park Shomrim tell us that the obsessed Waks Unit-43 allegedly covered up for a serial child molestor in Boro Park. Sources tell us that Waks allegedly caught admitted child molestor David Greenfeld molesting a child in the Tosher mikvah in Boro Park. Sources inside Shomrim tell us that allegedly, Waks simply ordered Greenfeld to let the boy go, and informed him that if he leaves, Shomrim - as per their policy - will allow him to go free. It was only when anti-rape activist Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg exposed Greenfeld's behavior, that he was arrested.

Handwritten letter in Hebrew,
signed by admitted child molester David Greenfeld
vowing to desist his involvement with students under all circumstances.
Greenfeld was allegedly first protected by
Shomrim member Meir Waks Unit-43 in accordance with Shomrim policy.
Greenfeld was eventually arrested by the NYPD's Sex Crimes Bureau.
Note: The admitted child molester David Greenfeld is not one and the same with NYC Councilman David Greenfield

Shomrim volunteer Meir Waks Unit-43 who allegedly
protects child molesters in accordance with Shomrim policy,
being awarded by incompetent 66th precinct CO Mike Deddo.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World News. All rights reserved to them.
If you or anyone you know was a victim of a sex crime do not contact Boro Park Shomrim. Contact the NYPD Brooklyn Special Victims Squad at 718-330-5600. Regardless of what Shomrim may have told you or may have done to cover up the crime, the experienced detectives of the Brooklyn Special Victims Squad can and will help you pursue justice. 

Once again we ask, how does a supposed anti-crime patrol allegedly protect notorious sex offenders? Why does the 66th precinct's incompetent CO Mike Deddo appear to allow them to do so?


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