Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shomrim kin arrested by the FBI

This blog's policy is to strictly report on Shomrim members and their enablers. We do not merely report on those associated with or related to them. Regardless, we find it speaks volumes that Shomrim members' relatives are alleged criminals as well.

Over the years there have been many incidents where Shomrim members' relatives were arrested for various crimes. Over the past two weeks, four more have been placed under arrest.

Sources close to an ongoing federal investigation tell this blog that two Shomrim kin have just been arrested by the FBI in Boro Park. Sources close to the investigation tell us that there may be more arrests, including one of a Shomrim member. Should the member be arrested, we will provide you with a complete and detailed report.

Furthermore, recently two Shomrim kin were arrested by the NYPD for their involvement in a vicious assault. Once again we will withhold reporting on this story unless we feel that Shomrim acted inappropriately in dealing with these arrests.

Crime breeds crime and criminals breed criminals. In the words of the Talmud,"woe onto the evil one, and woe onto his neighbor."

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