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Our blog makes every effort to report news as it happens. However, we make an even greater effort to report accurately. Therefore, we have been slightly set back by the holidays in our reporting. Our attorney and investigators have been taking a well deserved vacation. We expect to be back on full schedule after New Year.

Well-connected Shomrim volunteer Elie Berger Unit-41 has been arrested last week for allegedly assaulting his wife. On Sunday evening, officers from the NYPD's 66th Precinct responded to a call at Berger's home and allegedly found a frantic wife seeking refuge from her allegedly battering Shomrim husband. After the officers completed completed investigating, Elie Berger Unit-41 was arrested on December 16th, 2012 at approximately 8:30pm. His arrest number is K12714644.

Elie Berger Unit-41 of Boro Park Shomrim,
is under arrest for allegedly assaulting his wife.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Sources tell us that Berger has been charged with Assault with the Intention to Cause Physical Injury, Menacing, Harassment with Physical Contact, and Attempted Assault with the Intention to Cause Physical Injury. 

Sources inside Shomrim tell us that Shomrim coordinators Jacob Daskal Unit-05, and Mark Katz Unit-18, allegedly made a serious effort to have Berger freed from police custody before being transported to Central Booking. Sources tell us that incompetent 66th Precinct CO Michael Deddo was allegedly prepared to release Berger from the 66th precinct's holding cell, but was warned by a senior Shomrim coordinator - who is well respected across the community and among law enforcement officials - to back off and enforce the law. Sources tell us that this coordinator has been attempting to reform Shomrim from within, but has been repeatedly stifled by other coordinators. The other coordinators realized that their pleas will be ignored, once Central Booking was notified of Berger's pending arrival.

Shomrim volunteer Elie Berger Unit-41 (left)
being led with NYR Buff Hershy Greenberger Buff-312 (center)
by Brooklyn District Attorney Detective Investigators,
after they have been arrested for alleged insurance fraud.
Berger has been arrested last week for allegedly assaulting his wife.
Photo Credit: Jesse Ward for the New York Daily News. All rights reserved to them.
Last year, Berger was arrested along with Booky Kaluszyner's New York Radio's Hershy Greenberger Buff-312 for allegedly committing serious insurance fraud. Berger, who owns Perfect Collision, an auto-repair shop on 60th Street in Boro Park, was accused of intentionally damaging vehicles brought into his shop for repairs, in order to inflate his insurance billing. Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes issued a press release stating that investigators searching "Berger’s home recovered more than $700,000 in cash, [and] a 2011 application for public assistance claiming Berger earned $350 per week as an employee of Perfect Collision."

New York Radio's Hershy Greenberger Buff-312 (far right),
with Shomrim members Shlomie Gross Unit-21, Ari Glick Unit-67,
Yunty Rosenberg Unit-72 with an apprehended suspect.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
After Shomrim's Elie Berger Unit-41 and New York Radio's Hershy Greenberger Buff-312 were arrested last year, cowardly Shomrim volunteer Pinchas "Pinny" Ringel Unit-60 raced to mobilize a group of Shomrim members and sympathizers to rush to court and support Berger at his arraignment. Ringel has an alleged reputation within Shomrim for being a coward. Allegedly, when Pinchas Ringel Unit-60 responds to Shomrim calls that involve confronting suspects or following them on foot, Ringel always finds an excuse to back off. However, the moment that a suspect is restrained by other members, Ringel is allegedly infamous for repeatedly kicking the restrained suspect.

Boro Park Shomrim member Elie Berger Unit-41 (circled in red)
owner of Perfect Collision, who has been arrested last week by the
66th precinct for allegedly assaulting his wife,
posing with fellow Shomrim members and 66th Precinct detectives, including:
Jack Chait Unit-80 owner of "Spoons," Ari Glick Unit-67 of "Judaica Corner,"
Pinchas Ringel Unit-60 owner of "Boost Mobile Store by 13th Avenue Wireless,"
Solomon Lenorovits Unit-77 of "Kedem Winery," Nathan Schwartz Unit-89,
Samuel Rubin Unit-95 of "Blinds and Drapery," Joel Klein Unit-37/W-37,
66th precinct detectives Mike Milici and Vincent Galeno.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Ringel is a former aid to former Councilman Simcha Felder. Ringel deflected from the Felder camp to work for Felder's opponent in this years State Senate race. Felder has been a steady supporter of Shomrim and used taxpayer funds to buy them a mobile command post.

BSSP Coward Pinchas "Pinny" Ringel Unit-60
with former boss and Councilman Simcha Felder,
incompetent 66th precinct CO Mike Deddo,
and community advocate Bernard Freilich.
Allegedly, Felder and Freilich refuse to speak with Ringel
after learning of allegations that he assaulted his wife.
Deddo, as usual, seems to be undeterred by the allegations against
Ringel and the other alleged Shomrim hoodlums.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Elie Berger Unit-41 has allegedly been abusing his wife for over a decade. Sources tell us that his wife allegedly stayed with him for the sake of her children. She allegedly believed that the children are better off with married parents. Sources tell us that Ringel - who is also reputed to allegedly lack shalom bayis (harmony in the home) and has been accused of allegedly assaulting his wife as well - is a strong supporter of Berger. Sources also tell us that Berger allegedly put all of his assets - including his home - into his wife's name in order to be eligible for government assistance as well as to protect it in case of a government seizure.

Sources inside Shomrim tell us that Elie Berger Unit-41 allegedly remains a member in good standing of Boro Park Shomrim.

Stay tuned for further developments on Elie Berger Unit-41, as well as an in-depth report on the coward Pinchas "Pinny" Ringel Unit-60.

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  1. Shomrim was pulled over today for SPEEDING and DRIVING THE WRONG WAY ON A ONE WAY STREET by New York State OMH (Office of Mental HEalth Police) at Creedmoor Out Patient building #73 (across Union Tpke. from main in patient building) (huge facility with it's own police). Shomrim may have shown their NYPD Auxillary badge to get out of tickets or Parking Placards since it was over quickly. The police phone number is *****718.264.5700***** (write to: Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, NYS OMH POlice Commander, 79-25 Winchester Blvd., Queens Village, NY 11427). Shomrim abandons their vehicles on Hospital Property EVERYDAY with fake parking placards so they are not towed. If Hospital Police knew who they were, there cars ***would be towed*** and ***arrested*** for *tresspassing*. This is a State Hospital Facility which does X allow visitors! Most of the white patients are Jewish. G.F. was arrested by Shomrim, he is a Jewish War Veteran patient (did two years+ locked up). The police have handcuffs, a cage van and cage cars. They would go to Central Booking in Queens if Shomrim was arrested. Hospital police have arrested people before. Tresspassing is a problem with blacks who have been thrown out stealing patients food stamps etc. etc.