Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tzvi EDP Shapiro - Part II

This is part two of our report on Tzvi EDP Shapiro, which continues our all encompassing reporting on Shomrim's enablers and supporters. Shapiro maintains a close relationship with Boro Park Shomrim.

Tzvi EDP Shapiro with Shomrim member and
owner of Blue Dish Chayim Kornbluh Unit-16, shopping.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
After being expelled from Chaverim, settling into life as a bitter divorcee, and being fired from his father's business, Shapiro found himself lost, and without a way to spend his time. EDP enrolled in an EMT course. However, allegedly, he found the course too challenging and was failing. Desperate to become an EMT (in the hopes of joining Hatzalah), EDP hired a private tutor and allegedly spent over five thousand dollars ($5,000USD) studying for the licensing exam. (An average EMT course costs approximately one thousand dollars ($1,000USD).

Upon passing his licensing exam, EDP allegedly applied to volunteer with Hatzalah. He was immedtiately rejected. He then applied to East Midwood Volunteer Ambulance Service (EMVA). He was allegedly rejected. 

Having invested too much into becoming an EMT, EDP allegedly offered to donate to EMVA several items of expensive equipment. Sources tell us that EMVA Chiefs Yakov Kornitzer and Ezra Max then accepted him, despite an alleged appeal from EMVA volunteer and disgraced Shomrim member Avigdor Brief to reject him. Brief allegedly insisted that EDP's tarnished reputation will reflect poorly on EMVA, and that his measly donations weren’t worth the sacrifice. 

Tzvi Shapiro EDP in EMVA uniform.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
It quickly became apparent that Brief’s initial intuitions were right. EDP was allegedly reckless on calls, performed poorly, drove recklessly, and abused and misused emergency lights and sirens. Allegedly, EMVA's Chief Yakov "Yanky" Kornitzer Unit-4010 decided it was time to suspend EDP.

Tzvi Shaprio EDP driving his truck,
lit up with illegal emergency lights.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Allegedely, upon hearing of his impending suspension, Shaprio attempted suicide. He allegedly informed his EMVA colleagues of his plans, and they immediately raced over to try and stop him. Allegedly, when he heard them coming he aborted his plans and led them on a high speed chase that involved the NYPD. He was apprehended off the Belt Parkway and allegedly taken by the NYPD Highway Patrol to Coney Island Hospital's psychiatric ward for treatment.

Despite his incredibly fragile mental state, his history of law breaking, as well as his infantile outbursts and shameful judgment, EMVA leaders Chief Yakov Kornitzer and disgraced Shomrim member Avigdor Brief Unit-63 continue to maintain his tenure at EMVA.

Stay tuned for Part III.

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  1. sounds like Shomrim is a nechemya weberman organization. KONVICTED!!!