Monday, December 3, 2012

Tzvi EDP Shaprio - Part I

Tzvi Shapiro volunteers for East Midwood Volunteer Ambulance and maintains a very close relationship with Boro Park Shomrim. 

Tzvi Shapiro grew up in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. He’s a member of the Ger sect of Hassidim. As a teenager, his was allegedly expelled from his all-boys Ger high school after he was allegedly caught engaging in sexual activities with fellow students. 

Tzvi Shapiro, dressed in traditional Ger Hassidic garb,
posing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
As a teenager, Tzvi Shapiro began working for his father’s used car dealership, A&R Auto Sales on Sixteenth Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Shapiro allegedly maintained a reputation for seeking boys his age to engage in consentual sexual activities with. His father decided it was time to marry him off. 

Tzvi Shapiro married the daughter of a successful Kosher grocer. His marriage was incredibly short lived. Allegedly, Shapiro repeatedly raped his wife when she was ill or menstruating (and thus forbidden to him under their custom). These allegations were allegedly found plausible by the rabbinical court overseeing the divorce. The divorce was issued.

Shapiro, who was long friends with buff Booky Kaluszyner, who we’ve previously reported on here and here, and signed up for Booky’s New York Radio buff frequency. Buffs sign up to this frequency to broadcast messages regarding whatever may interest them over their walkie talkies. Shaprio was allegedly obsessed with this service, and was heard broadcasting at all times of the day.

Shapiro developed a reputation for being a hotheaded, deranged, and misguided soul. It was then that his closest friend Booky Kaluszyner, nicknamed him EDP – an acronym used by emergency services to describe the mentally ill, which stands for Emotionally Disturbed Person – and the nickname has since stuck. 

Tzvi EDP Shapiro throwing a fit inside a Brooklyn restaurant.
Photo Credit: M.S.
As EDP was reeling from his divorce, trouble began at home. His father and employer allegedly caught him stealing three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000USD) from this business. EDP was allegedly fired, and his father has allegedly refused to speak to him since.

A&R Auto Sales, the used car dealership owned by EDP's father.
EDP was allegedly fired for allegedly stealing $300,000.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Several years after his firing, EDP allegedly opened up a competing used car dealership in New Jersey. He believed that he’d be able to take his father’s clients with him, and despite his NJ license, hoped to close deals in NYC. None of his father's clients budged. EDP would later use his car delearship to allegedly, illegally supply Boro Park Shomrim with a plate for their truck

Perfect Choice Auto Sales, the used car dealership allegedly owned by EDP,
which allegedly supplied illegal plates to Boro Park Shomrim.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
EDP later applied to volunteer with many organizations, but was rejected by each one due to his background. Finally, Chaverim decided to give him a chance and accepted him as a volunteer. It was at Chaverim that EDP finally cemented his reputation as an erratic hothead and others began to distance themselves from him.

He was allegedly disruptive on Chaverim calls, performed poorly, drove recklessly, and initiated disputes with innocent people. One Erev Pesach (the day leading to Passover eve), as the Borough Park community was burning their chametz (leavened bread) in accordance with their tradition, Chaverim worked in cooperation with the FDNY to coordinate safety at a slew of sanctioned burning sites.

Tzvi EDP Shapiro in his Chaverim uniform,
shouting at an elderly community resident
as he orders the FDNY to prematurely shut down a sanctioned fire
used by community residents to discard of their leavened bread prior to Passover eve.
Chaverim has since expelled EDP from their organization.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 
On 16th Avenue and 53rd Street, EDP was assigned by Chaverim to oversee the fire and maintain its safety. Community residents were discarding their chametz into the fire, when EDP decided that he wished to go home. Despite his orders from Chaverim to remain at the fire until the pre-designated time that was set in conjunction with the religious deadline to burn the chametz, EDP decided that he wished to go home. The burning bread was not fully disintegrated yet, and this raised a religious concern with some of the fire's participants. Under their tradition, all leavened bread must be fully disintegrated prior to the onset of Passover. Extinguishing the fire prematurely, may cause these community residents to violate their religious beliefs. Despite pleas for compassion from Borough Park residents, EDP insisited that the FDNY extinguish the fire and leave the scene. 

Eventually, Chaverim allegedly grew tired of offering EDP multiple chances, and expelled him from the organization. 

Stay tuned for Part II.


  1. I see the sexual relationship with boy his age as a young teen full of testosterone trying to let it out. I do believe he has serious psychological issues and it needs to be addressed.
    About being a buff I think it's an immature game that unfortunately many adults in Brooklyn and elsewhere like to play (in non Jewish communities a buff would become a firefighter, or EMT, yet our community makes it hard to join the volunteer organizations)

  2. how do you know what EDP was doing in bed with his menstruating wife?
    i though the reason for divorce was his same sex attraction ?LOL

  3. This guy is a threat to our community! What a chilul hashem he makes!