Friday, December 7, 2012

Vile Shomrim Member Motty Perl Unit-69 - Part I

Shomrim member Abraham "Motty" Perl Unit-69 is the owner of Scotto's Bakery located at 3807 13th Avenue in Boro Park. Sources close to the bakery allege that Perl runs a "cash business." This means that allegedly, Perl does not report to the IRS most of his business transactions. An employee at the bakery confirmed that he - and most employees - are paid in cash. We find it ironic that a member of a supposed anti-crime patrol allegedly commits federal and local tax fraud every day.

Vile Shomrim member Abraham Motty Perl Unit-69.
Photo Credit: Blog Investigator
Like other Shomrim owned food businesses, Perl has allegedly had his run-ins with the Department of Health. Allegedly, Perl's bakery has numerous fire and health code violations. (Sources at the Department of Health inform us that a Shomrim owned pizza shop and caterer that was inspected this week had shocking violations, including live mice found in food areas. Stay tuned for an in-depth report.)

Perl developed the reputation of a sleazy philanderer. Allegedly, Perl - who is married with children - frequents strip clubs at will. It has also been alleged that Motty Perl pursues married women. In fact, a source close to this blog leaked us nearly a dozen inappropriate pictures of Perl that he allegedly sent to married women. These pictures are too vulgar for us to publish, and are being dealt with by proper channels.

Vile Shomrim member Motty Perl Unit-69 appearing naked.
 He allegedly sent this picture along with others to married women.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Sources close to the Perl family inform us that his in-laws have allegedly twice hired private investigators to follow him and determine if he was having an affair. Allegedly, Perl noticed that he was being followed, and allegedly enlisted the help of fellow Shomrim members to help him lose the tail.

Motty Perl Unit-69 has a reputation for threatening competitors and individuals that he doesn't like. He is an auxiliary police officer with the NYPD's 66th Precinct and has allegedly used his badge to threaten individuals, by stating that he's an undercover police officer and that he'll get away with assaulting and then arresting them. Perl's auxiliary police supervisor is Sergeant Issac "Yitzy" Katz, who doubles as Shomrim Unit-106. Yitzy Katz is brothers with Shomrim coordinator Mark Katz Unit-18.

Auxiliary officer and Shomrim member Motty Perl Unit-69
receiving an award from incompetent 66pct CO Michael Deddo.
Photo Credit: TheYeshivaWorldNews. All rights reserved to them.
NYPD 66th precinct Auxiliary Sergeant and
Shomrim volunteer Issac Yitzy Katz  Unit-106,
posing in his office.
Photo Credit: C.H.
Sources tell us that recently Perl - while operating his bakery's forklift truck emblazoned with BSSP Shomrim decals - threatened a coordinator from CWSP stating that he will assault him. Several sources have confirmed that Perl unleashed a vulgar triad of threats, while barking obscenities, and making obscene gestures. This allegedly occurred in broad daylight in front of young children on Thirteenth Avenue.

Vile Shomrim volunteer and APO Abraham Motty Perl Unit-69,
making an obscene hand gesture in front of his 13th Avenue bakery
while on a BSSP Shomrim forklift.
Click picture to enlarge. Note the Shomrim markings and his vile hand gesture.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster

Vile Shomrim member Motty Perl with coordinator Motty Katz.
Photo Credit: The Boro Park Scoop. All rights reserved to them.

Perl has also been seen making obscene gestures on the scene of Shomrim calls. Last night, on the scene of a heated dispute on Sixty First street in Boro Park, Perl once again allegedly lashed out at bystanders, and repeatedly made obscene gestures. His fellow Shomrim members - including his auxiliary supervisor Sergeant Issac Katz Unit-106 - allegedly did nothing to stop him. Sources tell us that Shomrim members feel indebted to Perl because he helped purchase the illegal Shomrim truck and wasn't properly reimbursed for the money he laid out.

Vile Shomrim volunteer and APO Abraham Motty Perl Unit-69,
making an obscene hand gesture while on a Shomrim call.
With him is alleged wife abuser Shomrim member
Yoel Fekete Unit-108, wearing an NYPD patch.
Click picture to enlarge.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Does Motty Perl live up to the standards of a community leader? Should he be in Shomrim? Should the incompetent 66 precinct CO Michael Deddo maintain Perl as an auxiliary officer? 

Stay tuned for Part II.


  1. I mean are these the people our conmunity has to Trust ? They look worst then i thought ...besides who calls shoimrim besides to look after some1 who might take off a shoimrim sticker of a bike ? I mean isnt it safer and faster to dial 911 ....what a joke but they will never go down because the curupt officials need a back door to $$$$$ ..gitn chanikah

  2. Can't wait for part 2. Nuuu what r u waiting for?????

  3. Some time ago my cousin was forced to resign from organization competing with Shomrim in order to join 66 auxiliary as he was told that he can't maintain membership in that organization and be auxiliary PO at the same time.So how come these people are openly shomrim members and auxiliary as well?Double standard?????And why are they getting away with flushing red and blue lights?Are they federal agents???WTF?


  5. Pepole should be ashame to be custmers from a low life like this, And shomrim should get rid of him Asap before the other parts come up and then will be to late cause there is a lot to write on this SHAIGTZ

  6. He's the biggest asshole!

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