Friday, September 13, 2013

Harry Tzvi "EDP" Shapiro Impersonates EMVA Paramedic

Sources tell us that EMVA's EDP Shapiro, was allegedly instructed by his superior EMVA paramedic and Shomrim's Apeshit member Avigdor "Victor" Brief to don an EMVA paramedic jacket. EDP is not a paramedic. Why, then, would EMVA risk NYS DOH liability by allowing EDP to present himself as a NYS paramedic?

EMVA's Tzvi Harry "EDP" Shapiro presenting himself as a NYS Paramedic,
despite holding no such license or certification.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 

To understand the thinking of EMVA's leadership, one must first understand their methods of operations. Despite being licensed as a volunteer ambulance company (a license which was allegedly stolen, by the way), sources tell us that EMVA leaders Chief Yakov "Yanky" Kornitzer and Avigdor "Apeshit" Brief give themselves a paid salary. In order to generate revenue, sources tell us that EMVA's leaders often perform unnecessary medical procedures on patients they are transporting. They do so, in order to inflate their billable services. 

EMVA's Tzvi Harry EDP Shapiro uses his illegal fly car while out of uniform,
 to cut off a Maimonides Medical Center ambulance.
He interfered with patient care in the hopes of acquiring this patient for his ambulance company,
upon alleged orders from Chief Kornitzer.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
These patients are generally intercepted from the 911 system. EMVA's EMT's and Paramedics monitor FDNY EMS, and NYPD frequencies while driving their ambulance. When a call for help is placed, they race over with lights and sirens in the hopes of arriving there before the dispatched ambulance does. 

On the date and time that the picture of EDP in an EMVA paramedic uniform was taken, sources tell us that EMVA was allegedly running short on paramedic staff. Therefore, Avigdor "Apeshit" Brief allegedly ordered EDP Shapiro to don the paramedic jacket - despite EDP not being a paramedic - in order to enable them to perform ALS procedures and thus generate a greater revenue. 

As of this posting, sources tell us that the NYS DOH is conducting an investigation into this, and several other allegations. We will keep our readers posted on any developments.

Stay tuned for further reporting on EMVA and EDP, including an in-depth report on how Yanky Kornitzer allegedly stole the company, and conducts his illegal practices.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shomrim once again blames its woes on Bernard Freilich - just as they did in 1995!

History repeats itself. Currently, Shomrim is facing considerable scrutiny from NYPD brass over a series of serious concerns raised over their practices, and illicit relationships with certain low-ranking NYPD officials. All of these details are part of a comprehensive ongoing investigation by the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau. Several Shomrim coordinators have seemingly once again falsely accused senior community activist Rabbi Bernard Freilich of supporting the charges against them. Sources tell us that Shomrim coordinators believe that Freilich is taking advantage of Shomrim's struggles, to reinforce his position as a senior representative of our community. Sources tell us that Freilich had absolutely nothing to do with their troubles, and the coordinators' allegations are entirely unfounded.

In order to understand the sheer audacity that Shomrim coordinators have to assail one of our community's hardest working activists, we must go back to a saga that played out in 1995. In 1995, Shomrim was a young organization desperately seeking to assist the 66th Precinct in protecting the community. The 66th Precinct was led by a rising star in the NYPD, a young Captain Salvatore Caccatara. Caccatara was handpicked by Brass to lead this command, after a discussion with senior community leaders. Among the leaders requested by the NYPD to provide input, was a rising star in his own right - Rabbi Bernard Freilich. Freilich spoke with the strong backing of the community, and in turn, the NYPD leadership responded with deep respect.

Captain Caccatara was rightfully weary over the structure of Shomrim. Instead of merely serving as the eyes and ears of the community, Shomrim was alleged to routinely act as vigilantes. Caccatara instructed his officers to strictly enforce the law, and under his command, crime rates were drastically cut in the 66th Precinct. Caccatara expressed his concerns over Shomrim to the NYPD's point man in the community, Rabbi Freilich.

Freilich reached out to Shomrim, in an attempt to assist them in bringing their policies in accordance with the NYPD's expectations. Shomrim's young leadership took this as an attack of their sovereignty, and instead of accepting his assistance, they launched a fierce PR campaign against both Captain Caccatara and Rabbi Freilich. They distributed literature across Boro Park slandering the CO, and deliberately went against the CO's instructions to obey the law and leave policing to the NYPD. This resulted in several Shomrim volunteers being arrested, after they broke law after law. Their pattern of reckless law breaking continues to this day. Sadly, in 2013, Shomrim breaks the law with the approval of the 66th Precinct's incompetent CO Michael Deddo. 

BSSP Member and NYPD Liaison Pinny Ringel Unit-60,
 Hershel Lebovtis Unit-59, Solomon Lenorovitz Unit-77, Jack Chait Unit-80,
detain a Latino individual, as part of their pattern of targeting minorities.
Their pattern of law breaking includes assaulting and targeting African-American and Latino New Yorkers. Stay tuned for a full report on an alleged plot between the failed leader and incompetent 66th Precinct CO Michael Deddo to subvert the court ruling on NYPD's Stop and Frisk policies, with Shomrim leaders Mark Katz Unit-18 and Abraham MNS Brauner Unit-58. Allegedly, they agreed to have Shomrim continue to target minorities and carry out outlawed Stop and Frisk policies. 

 Shomrim's desperate attempt to once again falsely accuse Freilich of conspiring against them, encourages us to continue exposing the truth about the vile and dangerous ways of Boro Park Shomrim. 

The people of the City of New York, through their voices and courts, will stand up to racial profiling, corrupt 66th Precinct officials, and the politicians who pander to them. The corruption will end. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Stop BSSP returns!

Towards the end of last year, representatives of this blog reached out to a senior Shomrim coordinator, in order to facilitate reforms necessary for the improvement of Shomrim and to benefit the community. The agreement that we have reached called for Shomrim to immediately consult experts and initiate reform, while we refrain from updating our blog, in order to allow them to do their work stealthy.

This agreement was reached after an emergency meeting was called by Shomrim coordinators freeloader Jacob Daskal Unit-05, Mark Katz Unit-18, incompetent 66th Precinct CO Michael Deddo, and NYC Councilman David G. Greenfield. For now, we are withholding the names of the other attendees. In upcoming posts we will expound upon details of the meeting, as well as publish previously unseen photographs of the meeting, as well as a complete transcript. Obviously, we are incredibly disturbed that a sitting NYC Councilman and NYPD Deputy Inspector would allegedly scheme to attempt to stifle the 1st Amendment privileges that protect this blog. It was a concerned attendee that leaked to us all of the photos and details of this meeting.

Upon our insistence, the Shomrim coordinators agreed to install three new coordinators. To our incredible shock and dismay, we quickly realized that the coordinators they chose to install had little to offer in terms of progress. Sadly, our intuition has been correct.

After we gave them plenty of time to institute reform and effect change, we have determined that they have utterly failed in their endeavors to enact reform. With little change, and with Shomrim coordinator freeloader Jacob Daskal Unit-05 on the loose, we have no choice but to reinstate this blog.

A young freeloader Shomrim Coordinator Jacob Daskal Unit-05.
Photo Credit: The Daskal Family
In the interim, a Shomrim volunteer who came forward as an adult as being a victim of childhood sexual abuse, resigned from Shomrim. Sources tell us he did so in protest of their policy of protecting sex offenders. We once again strongly encourage all Shomrim volunteers of good conscience to resign from this corrupt organization. 

In upcoming posts, we will present in-depth reports on the three new coordinators: Moses Reichberg Unit-23, Nathan Rosenberg Unit B-46/W-46, and Motty MNS Brauner Unit-58. 

In the months to come, we promise to expose some of the greatest acts of corruption within Shomrim and among its coordinators and members. However, our focus will now lay with freeloader Jacob Daskal Unit-05, who we believe to be the single most detrimental member of Boro Park Shomrim.