Friday, September 13, 2013

Harry Tzvi "EDP" Shapiro Impersonates EMVA Paramedic

Sources tell us that EMVA's EDP Shapiro, was allegedly instructed by his superior EMVA paramedic and Shomrim's Apeshit member Avigdor "Victor" Brief to don an EMVA paramedic jacket. EDP is not a paramedic. Why, then, would EMVA risk NYS DOH liability by allowing EDP to present himself as a NYS paramedic?

EMVA's Tzvi Harry "EDP" Shapiro presenting himself as a NYS Paramedic,
despite holding no such license or certification.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster 

To understand the thinking of EMVA's leadership, one must first understand their methods of operations. Despite being licensed as a volunteer ambulance company (a license which was allegedly stolen, by the way), sources tell us that EMVA leaders Chief Yakov "Yanky" Kornitzer and Avigdor "Apeshit" Brief give themselves a paid salary. In order to generate revenue, sources tell us that EMVA's leaders often perform unnecessary medical procedures on patients they are transporting. They do so, in order to inflate their billable services. 

EMVA's Tzvi Harry EDP Shapiro uses his illegal fly car while out of uniform,
 to cut off a Maimonides Medical Center ambulance.
He interfered with patient care in the hopes of acquiring this patient for his ambulance company,
upon alleged orders from Chief Kornitzer.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
These patients are generally intercepted from the 911 system. EMVA's EMT's and Paramedics monitor FDNY EMS, and NYPD frequencies while driving their ambulance. When a call for help is placed, they race over with lights and sirens in the hopes of arriving there before the dispatched ambulance does. 

On the date and time that the picture of EDP in an EMVA paramedic uniform was taken, sources tell us that EMVA was allegedly running short on paramedic staff. Therefore, Avigdor "Apeshit" Brief allegedly ordered EDP Shapiro to don the paramedic jacket - despite EDP not being a paramedic - in order to enable them to perform ALS procedures and thus generate a greater revenue. 

As of this posting, sources tell us that the NYS DOH is conducting an investigation into this, and several other allegations. We will keep our readers posted on any developments.

Stay tuned for further reporting on EMVA and EDP, including an in-depth report on how Yanky Kornitzer allegedly stole the company, and conducts his illegal practices.