Friday, December 26, 2014

Junior Shomrim Coordinator Adulterer Nathan "Nachy" Rosenberg - Unit 46

In a move befitting only of the lofty leadership of the flailing BSSP Boro Park Shomrim, adulterer Shomrim member Nathan "Nachy" Rosenberg - Unit 46 was promoted to Junior Coordinator several months ago. The flailing leadership also promoted two additional rookie junior coordinators, failed administrator Moses Reichberg - Unit 23, and former Scene Supervisor Motty MNS Brauner - Unit 58.

Adulterer Junior Shomrim Coordinator Nachy Rosenberg - Unit 46,
posing for a picture while enjoying a cigarette on a Shomrim call.
Photo Credit: J.W.

This post is brief, and pertains to the rookie Junior Coordinator Nachy Rosenberg - Unit 46, but stay tuned for posts on rookie junior coordinators Reichberg and MNS Brauner. Sources tell us that these three rookie junior coordinators were the only members willing to accept this "promotion."

Adulterer Unit-46, one of three Shomrim members willing to accept a "promotion" to coordinator.
Photo Credit: Anonymous Tipster
Adulterer Unit-46 is long reputed to carry on affairs with married women within the community. It is also alleged that he uses his Shomrim position to gain women's trust, before leading them to transgress their marital vows. On several occasions, it is alleged that Adulterer Unit-46 pursued and gained access to girls and women on Shomrim calls.

In this photo, Junior Shomrim Coordinator - Unit 46, is seen flirting with
 two girls in front of the Shomrim Command Post,
as Senior Shomrim Coordinator Marc "Motty" Katz - Unit 18 ducks inside,
while Adulterer Unit-46 attempts to invite the girls in.
Photo Credit: Outraged Parent

Junior Shomrim Coordinator Adulterer Unit-46, seen drooling over the two girls in the above image.

Adulterer Unit-46 is frequently seen drinking and frolicking with women in bars, where he is alleged to find women to cheat on his wife with. The Adulterer has no shame, and is often seen by sources engaging women in local bars.

Adulterer Unit-46 drinks and frolics with women at a bar on the outskirts of Boro Park,
while his Shomrim truck is parked outside in the early morning hours of a  Monday in April 2014.
Photo Credit: L.B.

We ask on behalf of the community, should Shomrim be led by an alleged adulterer? 


  1. "We ask on behalf of the community, should Shomrim be led by an alleged adulterer? "
    should they exist in general?

  2. Nachy rosenberg is my neigbor and hes such a fake guy he always thinks about him never about someone else hes a assole and a low life

  3. Seriously.... this needs approval????
    Like the guy behind the "blog" is gonna approve of any comment that's negative about this piece of worthless garbage.